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POLL: Best MCU Villain

August’s poll asks the question, “Who’s the best baddie so far?” when it comes to the 13 films and four TV series that have so far made up the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Marvel bucked the established trend in comic movies before Iron Man, which was that the villain was the centerpiece of the film and the hero’s journey was shaped by their adversary.  Marvel’s films and series are very much hero-centric.  The villains tend to spring out of the origins or plot journey of the hero rather than, say, X-Men or Sony’s Spider-Man or past DC movies, which put the villain first.

Loki, Tom Hiddleston, Thor: The Dark World

That’s not to say the MCU hasn’t had great villains.  Marvel’s first phase was pretty much owned by Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, and I think he would be the clear choice were it not for Marvel’s Netflix series.  In Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk, Daredevil created a character every bit as interesting as any in the entire MCU.  When you thought your villains couldn’t get darker, Jessica Jones gave us David Tenant’s Killgrave, quite possibly the most evil comic book villain brought to life.  You’ll note that the ultimate evil of Marvel’s first three phases, Thanos, is not up for vote.  While the Mad Titan has appeared briefly in Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy (and most likely will again in Guardians Vol. 2), he hasn’t carried a film yet, so all we have is the promise of his impact.  Granted, that promise is extremely impressive, but his turn will have to wait.  For now, VOTE VOTE VOTE! Pick your favorite of the MCU villains and we’ll announce the Killing Time official choice before next month’s poll, which is our fourth annual battle for “Best Show on TV”.
Netflix, Daredevil, Wilson Fisk, Kingpin, Vincent D'Onofrio

9 thoughts on “POLL: Best MCU Villain”

  1. If you could judge a villain by the first two-thirds of a movie, I know who would get my vote. As it stands, I would at least have made him a choice (but I know what your feelings are on the matter).

    Suicide Squad looks to be a disaster, doesn’t it? Sigh. I’m glad I hardened my heart after BvS, but it still hurts a little.

    RIP DC cinematic universe.

    I don’t know if the lack of a Killing Joke review on your site means that you hated it, or never saw it. If you did see it, I owe you a serious apology. I was way too kind when I described it before, but now that I’ve had some time to digest it, I think it’s a pretty dismal movie, and retroactivley diminishes the graphic novel, and I should have warned you. But its strength is in the source material, and I was blinded.


    1. No, I will review it this week. Just have been catching up after my trip and yeah Suicide Squad looks bad but I will try to be open minded. For starting off so fantastically, this year really has been mostly disappointments since May, aside from Dory. Hope we get back on track after the Olympics.


      1. I’m going to see Suicide Squad no question, but if it’s another Batman v Superman, WB is going to be on some very thin ice.

        I saw Star Trek Beyond. It was a lot of fun. Also extremely retro, like it was a very long episode of the original series, except for two insane, epic action sequences, which will hold the attention of millennials and are also very impressive, with top-notch SFX. But I left the movie realizing that however well-crafted a franchise might be, sometimes it just needs to end. And there is nothing left to be said in the Star Trek universe, and nowhere left to go. Sure, they could do a movie version of Voyager where Janeway slowly loses her mind over the course of the film, but no one who loves Star Trek would want to see that.

        I don’t think I’m ever going to watch another Star Trek movie or show. And I came to that conclusion watching a Star Trek movie that I actually liked a lot. But I first watched the original series when I was six, I lived through Next Generation, and I enjoyed the hell out of the even-numbered films, especially the Voyage Home. I even gave Enterprise a fighting chance. I am, quite simply, tired of this universe. Not in a bad way. I’ll always think on it with fondness. But there is a reason there are frames around paintings, and endings to books. Life, and art, would make no sense if they just went on and on forever. Even superhero comic books like Batman are going to have their day of reckoning.

        But it’s time to stop making movies about the Joker, and Batman, and all these related characters, for at least three decades, until the world changes enough for the characters to really, truly be reimagined.

        I pray that Hollywood learns its lesson from Alice 2, and ID2, and TMNT 2, and Ghostbusters 3. Audiences are starting to wake up, and the pendulum might swing back to originality in film, but the shift has to outpace nonsense like the coming Tetris Trilogy.


      2. I still need to see Star Trek. I am getting serious fatigue writing bad reviews. I think DC is paying for starting with no plan and even with Geoff Johns now in charge of everything that won’t be reflected until Justice League at the earliest. They damage the whole genre by screwing up big and I am afraid that it will spill over into fatigue that sabotages Marvel’s work. I am much more inerested in Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek anthology series than films, but Trek has a following and I think it can be cutting edge scifi again, but Fuller has a better chance than the films.


      3. The only way Star Trek becomes fresh again is if they rethink it from top to bottom.

        For example: make the space travel parts extremely realistic, reasonably like Interstellar and 2001: A Space Odyssey. There are no phasers or transporters, and instead of warp drive the characters are put into stasis during the long journeys though empty space. When the crew goes down to alien planets to explore, all the aliens are non-bipedal lifeforms that bear absolutley no resemblance to human beings… and translators are NOT a part of the universe. Instead the crew of the ship (which is not called “Enterprise”) is trying to understand cultures and organisms that are utterly, perfectly alien. And even though the series takes place during a single time period, the characters are based on characters selected from all the ST iterations of the past. For example the principal explorers are named Kirk, Picard, Janeway, and Sisko (though they have different first names) and they capture the essence of the original characters they were based on.

        Also the look is totally new, with no visual antecedents from the previous versions. I could get with a reinvention like the one I’m describing. Otherwise, please, a rest.


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