Movie Review: Remember (2016) *It’s Never Too Late for Revenge*

Remember, Christopher Plummer

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum estimates that there are roughly 195,000 survivors alive today.  World War II ended in 1945, so most of those would have to be young adults and children at the time of that horror.  In another 20 years, most of them, like most who fought in the last good war…maybe the only good war, will be gone.  Institutions like the USHMM and many others have assured their legacy.  The world cannot be allowed to forget what humans did to humans or it will happen again.  There’s nothing new that happens in this world; just old plays with different players.  Memory, loss, old age, extinction, and revenge all play out in Director Atom Egoyan’s superb Remember; a remarkable thriller and perhaps the final showcase for two of the screen’s most unappreciated actors. Continue reading Movie Review: Remember (2016) *It’s Never Too Late for Revenge*