Benedict Cumberbatch, Dr. Strange

Trailer Time: Doctor Strange Trailer #3 (2016) *Mister Doctor Strange*

Very abbreviated trailer for Doctor Strange, but all-new footage from what I can tell.  Marvel will be doing what it did with Guardians of the Galaxy (the last film to stray outside the Avengers-verse) and offering a 15 minute IMAX preview on October 10th, and this mini-trailer was released to accompany the announcement.  I’m already sold and will be there when the film opens November 4, 2016.
Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch


One thought on “Trailer Time: Doctor Strange Trailer #3 (2016) *Mister Doctor Strange*”

  1. That sound you hear, across the gulf of the internet, is my head exploding with joy. When I look back on the MCU through eyes rendered reasonably sober by distance and time, I can safely say that while the first Avengers and all three Cap films are among my favorites, Guardians is the best one, if only because it feels like a Marvel film and a Star Wars film mixed together, as it should. And yet the good doctor is about to top it. I’m pretty sure. I know these judgements are subjective, that we all have our favorite characters. But this looks incredible by any metric, and it’s going to make things stretchier and weirder, just like Guardians did.


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