Movie Review: Warcraft (2016) *Visually Stunning but Ultimately Hollow*

Travis Fimmel, Warcraft

Video game fans are hoping the endless parade of crap adaptations of their favorite games will cease this December with the promising-looking Assassin’s Creed.  Quite frankly, with the deep source material, plot, and Oscar-caliber acting in that film, if it doesn’t work, we’re never going to get one that will.  Warcraft, looked like it might break the curse six months earlier.  It had a great look, a HUGE built-in fanbase, and an acclaimed director in Duncan Jones (Moon).  Instead the movie was critically reviled (28% on Rotten Tomatoes), and would have been an utter financial disaster were it not for a very strange phenomenon that we’ll get to later.  Now that the film has hit home video, is Warcraft worth a look?  It’s definitely worth a LOOK (note how I am stressing that word as if it will be important later on in my rambling). Continue reading Movie Review: Warcraft (2016) *Visually Stunning but Ultimately Hollow*