Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Pirates 5

Trailer Time: Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales Teaser #1 (2017) *We Want Our Jack Back!!!!*

Very interesting move of Disney to release the first trailer for the next Pirates film and there’s no Jack Sparrow to be seen in it.  Instead, the trailer, darkly atmospheric, features Javier Bardem’s Captain Salazar, who is looking for Jack, and Bardem is in full-on villain mode (hopefully he can Skyfall it and bring this franchise back to the glory of the first installment.  I wonder if Depp was kept out of the first tease because of just how much burnout he has with audiences now?  There’s reason to be hopeful.  The directing team did the fantastic Kon Tiki so they know how to shoot a high-seas adventure.  Geoffery Rush and Orlando Bloom will also be returning to the series.  Read below for the official plot synopsis.

Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Thrust into an all-new adventure, a down-on-his-luck Captain Jack Sparrow finds the winds of ill-fortune blowing even more strongly when deadly ghost pirates led by his old nemesis, the terrifying Captain Salazar (Bardem), escape from the Devil’s Triangle, determined to kill every pirate at sea…including him. Captain Jack’s only hope of survival lies in seeking out the legendary Trident of Poseidon, a powerful artifact that bestows upon its possessor total control over the seas.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales hits theaters on May 26th, 2017.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

3 thoughts on “Trailer Time: Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales Teaser #1 (2017) *We Want Our Jack Back!!!!*”

  1. Depp is not a matinee idol. He just isn’t. He doesn’t know how to be one, and even with his rock star lifestyle, I don’t think he would be happy if he were. I’m sure he loves his money, but he’s shown he doesn’t want to make it by being a handsome leading man in some generic flick.

    Somehow the Disney suits let his Pirates performance slip through the cracks, it surprised people, he made a fortune for Disney, and suddenly he was giving ever weirder kabuki performances in blockbuster movies designed to bring in half a billion dollars. But Depp was always a character actor. His successful movies were brilliant, and only moderately successful. He needs to find a way to go back.

    I thought Black Mass was going to be that conduit for him, not because it was a great movie, but because his performance made total sense of gangsters for me, for the first time in my life. I suddenly got it, I understood who these people were and why they commanded so much power, fear and respect. But then the movie failed to resonate, he made Alice 2, and was accused of domestic abuse.

    The Pirate movies are fine, Captain Jack is his signature role, but otherwise, if he doesn’t start playing saner characters in smaller movies that will have an easier time recouping their budgets, the downward spiral will continue. This new movie he’s shooting, Labyrinth, sounds promising, though they really need to change the title.

    Miss Peregrine was highly entertaining, but while it ruled the weekend it of course made less than Dark Shadows did in its debut. So I don’t know if it’s paying off for Burton to take a break from Depp.

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    1. If you think about their last few collaborations, I think Burton staying away from Depp is THE only way he saves his career, and I’m glad to hear about Peregrine, I’ll go this week. Bardem is a better actor than Depp, and if they’ve created a great villain for him, it would make sense to tease him since Jack’s a known quantity (his entrance in the first movie ranks with Willy Wonka’s as the greatest character entrances of all-time). Bardem seems to have Davy Jones’ old crew with him, and since Orlando Bloom is coming back, and he’d taken Jones’ role at the end of 3, maybe that’s an angle. If you haven’t seen Kon Tiki, do, and I think you’ll gain some optimism about the film from seeing what they did with a film that’s primarily about a raft on the open ocean. Can’t beat the title though for this one for faithfulness to the ride, and you know what Disneyland means to me.


      1. Don’t expect a miracle from Miss Peregrine, and I think you’ll have a good time. For most of the movie it feels like an actual craftsman is in charge, and not some guy given marching orders to kick off a YA franchise, and THAT is refreshing. Alas, everything takes an unfortunate turn at the end, but up until that point I thought it was a blast.

        When Disney World adds its Star Wars area, I’ll have to plan a pilgrimage. I want to drink some blue milk.


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