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Star Wars Episode VII Tribute: The Father’s Sins (Amazing Video!!!)

If you’re not following Medley Weaver on YouTube, you’re missing out on some truly fantastic and creative videos.  This tribute to Episode VII focuses on the Father/Child aspect of the Star Wars saga (as we don’t yet know exactly Rey’s lineage).  Weaving together beautifully shots from the Original Trilogy and The Force Awakens, the video (set to music from Gears of War 3 if you wondered) is a powerful tribute to the generational aspect of Star Wars.  Seeing Han and Luke as young men, then grizzled and aged contending with Rey and Kylo Ren, then going even further back to Luke dealing with Anakin, shows the family dynamic at the heart of the saga.  That extends now to the audience.  People my age, who were children at the time of the original movies, are now sharing the resurgence of the franchise with their own children, and in that way art echoes life.  Stories bind generations together, and Medley does a superb job of capturing that aspect of Star Wars in this video.  Bravo!

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7 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode VII Tribute: The Father’s Sins (Amazing Video!!!)”

  1. You know how much I love TFA, so I’m sure you’ll understand that what I’m about to say is not remotely meant as a knock against that movie.

    The story of the Skywalkers, as chronicled by George Lucas and all his helpful friends, was satisfying in the extreme, and very obviously a closed book, once all six chapters had been told. I don’t know if we will ever learn what Lucas had in mind for episodes 7-9, before Disney shunted his outlines aside, but I’m sure it would have reinvented the saga yet again while organically growing out of what had come before. As it stands, I’m concerned that the proper episodes are going to keep going… and going… and going, far beyond episode 9. And I’m wondering if the closed book should have maybe remained a closed book.

    It’s a big galaxy, perfect for trilogies galore, recalling every genre in existence. I could have easily imagined a new, debut Star Wars film from Disney, unbound by subtitle or episode number, that immediately took us to new imaginative heights, showing us all the old, familiar faces one last time before propelling us on a brand-new journey that had nothing to do with all the old dynasties and conflicts. I get it, they wanted to pay it safe, but I’m afraid all the familial intrigue will start becoming arbitrary and repetitive, and Star Wars will become like Star Trek.

    If the Disney Star Wars Experience had kicked off with Han Solo Presented by the LEGO Guys, I guarantee people would have been just as enthused as they were about TFA, if not more. I’m obviously not criticizing Disney for making all the money they did, by creating a movie I loved so much. I’m just taking the long view, and wondering if it wouldn’t have been smarter to let the Skywalkers rest, and have some fun in the galaxy without continuing a story that had already ended.


    1. But did it end? JJ Abrams said the driving force behind his getting interested in this is WHO IS LUKE SKYWALKER? We really don’t know much about him at all if you think about it. Anakins story is not finished because despite his redemption his legacy poisoned his bloodline. The episodes are going to continue, maybe with more spinoffs inbetween new trilogies and I know you’re playing devil’s advocate but Lucas and his outlines had to go. For his creation to carry on he could not lay any claim to its direction. Thats sad, but entirely on him. Let’s see what happens in 8 before we say the saga can’t continue. And only an episode done to perfection could have united fans and made Han Solo possible. Starting there would have been greeted as a money pump from people who didn’t know what they were doing. Rogue One will show us how different these films can get. I’m watching Luke Cage right now and its firmly in the MCU but about as far from The Avengers as you can get. They bring that same diverse storytelling to SW and yes it can continue forever.


      1. Now we’re talking! Just out of curiosity, what are your predictions for Rogue One? Domestic take, global take, and will it unite fans (one way or the other) and excite the general public?


      2. I’m saying 500 to 550 domestic, 1.5 billion globally. It may exceed that but it faces a much tougher slate of competition than Ep 7. I think its already united fans. The toys hit shelves on Friday and most places are sold out. Its got the hardcore benefit of the doubt that no film since Jedi has had. Vader. Vader gets casual fans out to the theater at their word of mouth determines its legs.


      3. I think that if it’s a masterpiece, and Vader isn’t just a glorified cameo, the sky’s the limit. Otherwise it seriously underperforms. For a SW movie that is, and especially in light of TFA. Obviously it does not derail the franchise, but it does make Disney take a good, hard look.

        Here is the weird thing though. From what I can tell, Edwards has basically had the movie taken away from him in post production… and it sounds like he is perfectly fine with it, and is there, happily offering his opinion. I have never heard of that hapening, ever. It tells me that this was a harmonious production, helmed by a man who freely admits just how much bigger SW is than him, who understands how important it is that Disney gets this movie right at this juncture in the franchise.

        So, on measure, I don’t think a masterpeice is out of the question.

        Please don’t mention the toys, I used to have a problem with collecting. I eventually had to go cold turkey, and forbid myself from ever buying anything again that did not serve an actual purpose. For many years I have stuck to my guns, but it’s painful to see all this wonderful stuff, and know I cannot have it.


      4. Yeah, the toys thing may happen here too. Ok, no one is expecting this to match or come near to TFA. That was a confluence of a huge number of events. What they will expect is for it to outperform the previous six films. If it tops TPM’s take domestically, they’ll be fine and raking in about what The Avengers did internationally would be a coup. Not every one of these films is going to blow up like TFA, but the quality should stay the same. The worst SW films have made nearly $400 million, so I think $500 is a conservative estimate. It could do more. As far as Vader goes, I’d be surprised if he was onscreen for more than 15-20 minutes, but that’s all Darth Maul got in TPM, and Vader didn’t get much more than that in ANH. It’s what he does with it and how memorable the scenes are.


  2. This is an amazing video BTW, it captures the power of Lucas’s creation, which is a family saga at heart, and it’s what got me thinking.


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