Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, AT-AT, Stormtroopers

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer #2 (2016) *Save the Rebellion! Save the Dream!*

Debuting this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, we got our second full trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  This will, almost undoubtedly, be the last look at the film before it hits theaters December 16th.  The teaser focused on Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and introducing the mission.  The first full trailer fleshed out the members of Erso’s squad who will be working with her to steal the plans to the Death Star, and was a slow burn introduction to our first look at Darth Vader in the film.  This final trailer for the spin-off focuses on the relationship between Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen) and his daughter Jyn and confirms the rumored story point that Galen is the man who is the architect of the Death Star.  It gives another look at Vader, and ties the themes of the first two trailers together in a piece that has us counting the 62 days until Rogue One‘s release.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Darth Vader, Death Star, Jyn Erso, Felicity Jones, Saw Gerrera, Forrest Whitaker, Donnie Yen, Star Destroyer, AT-AT, Director Orson Krennic, Diego Luna, Gareth Edwards, Disney, Lucasfilm

10 thoughts on “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer #2 (2016) *Save the Rebellion! Save the Dream!*”

  1. Dave, I have to be honest: I was looking forward to watching this trailer all day, and only just now did I sit down and watch it, five times in a row… and it’s the first official thing I’ve seen that hasn’t left me wanting to stand up and cheer. I have no doubt that the movie is going to be great… I have no worries in that department… but this trailer makes it look more than a little generic, and a lot lighter than I was hoping for.

    Perhaps the trailer is deceiving.

    At any rate, I’m not any more excited than I was before. If anything, my expectations are more realistic, which could very well be a good thing.

    Sorry. I’m not trying to bring down the mood. I just found the trailer a little underwhelming. Seeing all the old OT imagery can’t help but be thrilling, though, and I can’t believe I’ll be back in the thick of the Galactic Civil War in just two months. It’s been way too long.

    Also I love is that Jyn’s Dad will indeed be the Death Star architect, that the multigenerational aspect of SW will be intact.

    And the mo-cap on that driod looks amazing.


    1. I think less is more with SW trailers and to give us a third trailer two months after the last one, may have been too much. It may be overcaution on the part of Disney with the spin off factor, but there was nothing in this that affected my level of excitement negatively. It’s my least favorite of the trailers, but it’s still gorgeous and we finally got to hear from Krennic and the still-spare use of Vader looks amazing. But this trailer brings it back full-circle that this is really the Erso’s story, and Mads had already confirmed Galen was the architect who took over after the Empire exterminated the Geonosian race to cover their tracks. I think we’re in for a treat, and the next trailer (for Episode VIII) will rumoredly debut during the Super Bowl, so I will not have to get up to watch GMA to get it to y’all. Score!


  2. There is one other thing that gives me pause about this trailer: Disney could be doing a better job of selling exactly where the film fits in the timeline. This trailer is hitting you and I over the head, but you would be surprised at how little non-nerds tend to know. Lots of confusion might be nigh, and also outright mockery from people who think that the same elements are just being regurgitated, over and over again.


    1. I think you’re worrying about this too much. They’ll hammer it in in the pre-release interviews and the crawl, and I’m sure there will be one, will make it explicit. In a pre TFA world, maybe it’s a concern, but SW is cool right now and the mockers and skeptics are in a tiny minority.


      1. I’m not so sure about the crawl. It might be a bad decision to scrap it, but I think it’s a bad decision they’re going to make. And just to play the devil’s advocate: the reason for the crawl in the previous movies is that Star Wars is a serial, one continuous story, and you have to bring people up to speed on what happened since the last installment, even if the last installment hasn’t technically been made yet. But Rogue One is the first standalone SW movie, and it’s priding itself on that fact, and something tells me the opening crawl is history. But we shall see.

        You have no idea how happy I am that Star Wars is cool again. I weathered the dark age, the prequel storm, I did not renounce those movies (which really are amazing) even when it seemed like the entire world was against them, and now I feel some measure of vindication. Have you noticed that the prequels are treated better these days, more fairly? These days lot of people will bring out the trope that the prequels had great ideas behind them, even if the execution was questionable. Dave, I INVENTED “the prequels had great ideas behind them, even if the execution was questionable.” Also on reflection you are correct, people will NOT be confused by the time the film rolls around, and honestly even if people did misunderstand, and believed this film was just a regurgitation, they would probably flock to see it just the same, because Vader is in it and it does look really cool.

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      2. Exactly. Vader is their trump card, which is why doing this one as the first one is such a good idea. No matter what, Vader will put butts in seats, even if they had made no effort to place the film in the timeline. And I think the negativity turned to reasonable consideration about the prequels is all about, “that was it?” vs. “measuring those films in the totality of an ongoing saga”. When people thought those were the last SW films we were ever going to get, the rancor got out of control, but now that they know that there will be continued exploration, there’s less hysteria. I think they will go with the crawl because even though it’s not an episode, they will want to place it in the timeline, and to do that most elegantly and to cement it as still a Star Wars film, you have the opening titles and the crawl. I can’t imagine they ditch that. Even in the spinoffs, I think some conventions stay the same.

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  3. Personally, I’m extremely excited to see this movie. First, come on its Star Wars. There plenty to like just because of that. Second, the story / premise seems interesting, with a lot of new characters to fall in love with. Third, the movie itself looks pretty slick. However, I do hesitant with Disney at the helm of Star Wars. I think Rogue One will do good and Disney (with that notion in mind) will bring the SW spinoff idea into the ground. I mean….do well really need to see a Kenobi movie or Hans Solo movie or a Bobba Fett movie.

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    1. Well, if Disney was the Disney it was ten years ago, I’d agree with you, but in letting Pixar and Marvel have a hand-off free reign, they’ve shown an ability to delegate, and the people they delegated to have not made a single wrong step since taking over the property. I agree with you, I think this is going to do well and it’s a perfect example of a moment in the SW universe that deserves a film to look at what happened. The spinoffs could absolutely be driven into the ground, but do I want to see a Kenobi, Solo and Fett movie? If they’re written, acted, and directed as well as the bar TFA set, absolutely I do. Solo has Phil Lord & Chris Taylor directing and Lawrence Kasdan writing the script, and he says it’s the best script he’s written….and he wrote Empire and TFA, so if they can plan ahead like Marvel, keep casting and directing quality at a high mark like Marvel, and remain free of studio tampering like Marvel, then I see no downside of a SW movie a year because there’s enough material to warrant it IF it is done correctly, which, so far Kathleen Kennedy and the new Lucasfilm have done every step of the way. Great comment!

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      1. Haha…good response. I agree with you on all points. The SW universe indeed as plenty of stories to tell and to be made into feature films. Like you said, if its done correctly then yes I agree I would like to see that. However, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. I fear that the market of SW movies will eventually be over-saturated (within time) and people aren’t going to care as much as they use to. Look at the superhero genre. I (for one) love superhero movies, but the market has been oversaturated by them and people will loos interest. Look at all the movies books to film that were trying to be like Harry Potter (Eragon, The Dark Is Rising, The Golden Compass, Percy Jackson). All great stories, but mediocre movies with only one or two installments in a potential franchise. So yes, I do welcome the idea of more spinoffs SW movies, but ones that are well made. How the public will received these spinoff features remains as elusive as the Force…lol.


      2. Excellent counterpoint! Oversaturation is the nature of Hollywood. Remember when there were a spate of volcano movies for no discerning reason? Armageddon and Deep Impact the SAME summer? Hunger Games spawned the same aping Harry Potter did and it never works. With super hero movies, the culprits so far are DC and FOX. Their subpar movies are creating a blemish on the genre and Marvel just churns out quality product like they’re making commemorative coins. Marvel though is also making THREE movies a year and has 2-3 Netflix series and a regular ABC show every year, and we’re not sick of it because they get it right. That’s the key for Star Wars, which will have just the one movie and Rebels by comparison. With Star Wars, it’s a lot harder to copycat them. The past two prequels spawned more science fiction films, but Star Wars isn’t really something that can be as easily ripped off as Marvel’s product. More science fiction movies (which we’re already seeing this fall with Arrival and Passengers) isn’t necessarily bad. If SW can manage to make their ONE movie great when Marvel is doing THREE, I think we’re solid. If it falters though, SW fans are nervous, fickle freakouts, so they would be wise to keep it at one and make sure they have several home runs in the bank before they so much as falter a bit or we’ll all start screaming MIDICHLORIANS and running off roofs lol.

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