Trailer Time: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 (2017) *Hooked on a Feeling Again*

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be the next film in the MCU after this November’s Doctor Strange.  That’s movie #14 if you’re scoring at home.  I love this teaser.  Doesn’t show too much, teases us with imagery and the characters we fell in love with in 2014’s first installment, and while I’m surprised it wasn’t attached to Doctor Strange, I’m always glad to see new Marvel.  The Guardians of the Galaxy will return on May 5, 2017.
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Drax, Dave Bautista, Chris Pratt, Star Lord, Gamora, Zoe Saldana, Yondu, Michael Rooker, Nebula

Trailer Time: Assassin’s Creed Trailer #2 (2016) *Time War Gone Tone Deaf*

Assassin’s Creed is my favorite video game franchise.  I also think it’s the best chance we may ever have to get a good movie out of a video game franchise of the ones in work right now (no, not betting on the Tetris trilogy).  The first trailer was awesome and did a fantastic job explaining the premise of the games.  I really, really hate this second trailer.  It’s a mess.  If you didn’t know anything about the games or hadn’t seen the first trailer, you’d have no idea what the heck was going on, plus it ties the first Star Trek Beyond trailer for most off-putting use of music in a trailer this year.  A minute into it, I just wanted it to end.  Now Star Trek Beyond (which I tragically have not seen yet) generally got very good reviews, so you can’t judge it by the trailer alone, but my expectations and hopes for this took a nosedive.  Assassin’s Creed opens December 21, 2016. Continue reading Trailer Time: Assassin’s Creed Trailer #2 (2016) *Time War Gone Tone Deaf*