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POLL: Best Harry Potter Movie!!!

The Harry Potter films finished just before the beginning of Killing Time, so we haven’t had a lot of cause to talk about the eight-film franchise.  That changes this month as we return to The Wizarding World for the first in a five-film series spun out of one of Harry’s textbooks at Hogwarts: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  The new series takes place in early 20th Century America, far from the magical castle where we saw Harry, Ron and Hermione grow up from Sorcerer’s Stone to part two of The Deathly Hallows.
Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two

There’s so much to delve in to from the adaptation of insanely complex books, handling an entire cast that grew up onscreen over a decade, and the films themselves which-as a fan of both the books and the movies-did an overall great job of bringing the magic from the page to the screen.  There’s so much to look at that we’ll do one a month in a My Favorite Scene column and cover the whole series starting in a few weeks.  But which installment is your favorite?  Sorcerer’s Stone (Philosopher’s Stone for our UK readers) where we saw the world come to life?  Azkaban, where the series began to grow up?  Order of the Phoenix (which I think is better than the book)?  Or the very different, very warranted two-movie finale with Deathly Hallows?  Vote for your favorite this month, check out the next Wizarding film, and at the end of the month we’ll reveal the community’s Potter pick and compare the classic series to the beginning of Newt Scamander’s adventures (votes submitted by owl will probably not reach Killing Time HQ in time to be counted; best to apparate in and drop them off).
Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe

15 thoughts on “POLL: Best Harry Potter Movie!!!”

      1. To me, Azkaban was my least favorite (in both book and movie). I know everyone loves it because the story gets more darker and complex, but it wasn’t that interesting to me.

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      2. Whoaaaaaaa and I like you. So I am not hearing that because 4, 7 and 8 are the next best. 5 I thought was more fun with the book. 2 and 6 I have issues with. Six needed to be split too, legitimately, and too much was cut. One was what we all wanted to see come alive and a great intro but it and 2 were slaves to every word of text. Three had the last John Williams score and his best for 13 years after. I think itll be fun to examine each one a month. Remember to vote!

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      3. Haha…thanks. I was planning to write a review for each (leading up to Fantastic Beasts), but I got boggled down with other works and reviewing others movies. I’ll probably do that when Fantastic Beasts 2 comes out. For what it was, Azkaban (the film) was the last one film to have a lot of book in it. From them one (with maybe six), the movies became more plot oriented rather than character oriented. And yes, I did vote.

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  1. It would have to be one of the Yates installments.

    I have a very, very, VERY unpopular opinion about these movies.

    Namely, I hope they’re remade one day.

    And since I can’t see them ever being remade in live action, it would have to be done in CGI animation.

    I’m not suggesting they be done in the style of modern Dr. Suess adaptations and nonsense like that, but rather that they show an adherence to a dark, strange, Tim Burton-ish (for lack of a better adjective) aesthetic. I think the films would benefit from having a detailed plan in place from day one, instead of a production that ran concurrent with the writing of the novels. The existing movies are a far cry from LOTR, and I don’t think the power of the source material is communicated at all. This is more because of the nature of the books than the talent involved, because some very talented people were involved. The books are simply more like miniseries than movies.


      1. Azkaban is one of the best of the novels, and visually the movie is beyond par. Cuaron was the perfect director to deepen and darken the world of Harry Potter. I might not be the fan of the movies that you are, but it’s a highly enchanting and atmospheric film.

        The good news is, I have a feeling this franchise is going to keep on going for a while, and right now I am totally on board. I actually don’t mind that Rowling can’t seem to let go. If she says “Voldemort” is really pronounced “VoldeMOOR,” I have decided to go with it. This is her Middle Earth, and so be it. There are a million places to travel, and so far we have only seen things from Harry’s very limited POV. I have high hopes for this entire new movie trilogy, and I have no doubt Cursed Child will make it to the big screen too, once it’s made a gazillion dollars on stage.


      2. Five. They are now making five movies which would have that done when the kids are 37, the age they are in book 8, which felt tacked on to me, but reading a stage play is a different beast. Its NOT VoldeMOOR. She was on set the first three films and had this plotted a decade before that so don’t tell me all of a sudden it was always her intent.


      3. Dave, of COURSE it isn’t VoldeMOOR. The fact that she says that is worse than Han shooting first. No, scratch that, it doesn’t come close, but it’s pretty ridiculous. My point was simply that I am willing to indulge her. I’m getting the sense that there will be no new opus, that Harry Potter is what we’re getting out of JK, and that is now fine with me. I’m excited about Fantastic Beasts, I recently reread the novels, and I’m getting swept up again.

        I’m sorry that I posted such a negative comment about the movies BTW, when you were trying to celebrate them. It’s rare for so much talent to come together on a single endeavor, both behind and in front of the camera. Most franchises wear out their welcomes long before this, but I’m looking forward to more.


      4. No problem man. I am stoked you’re enjoying the books and Rowling is as bad as Lucas. I don’t think Dumbledoore was intended to be gay. Thats her politics and I am not bashing gay people, I just don’t think it has any more place in the epic than if Chris Tolkien said Legolas and Gimli were a couple. Book 8 is her last Potter story, but like Middle Earth you can tell thousands of tales in that sandbox. Its gonna be fun to revisit them all.


      5. On reflection, the best of the books became the best of the movies. I jut cast my vote for Half-Blood Prince. The last scene of that movie gives me chills. May the memory of Albus be eternal.

        Good luck to anyone who wants to get a ticket to see Cursed Child on stage, but before I read it I’m waiting for a possible film adaptation, even if it’s years down the line. Reading plays can be rewarding, but I always like to experience a dramatic work as a dramatic work first. Is it really an eighth chapter though, or is it more of a spinoff? What I’ve heard sounds potentially interesting, but jarring if it’s meant to be a part of the same work.


      6. Halfblood is my favorite book but too much got cut and the epic aftermath chase scene after Dumbledoore is killed with a crazed Harry chasing Snape who is one of the most complex characters ever, trying to get away without killing the son of the love of his life while dealing with being forced to kill the only man who always embraced him. Cutting that was unforgivable. But yeah that last scene…..yeah I think we’ll have enough to talk about here


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