Star Wars: Anakin Skywalker “Rise”

I am a huge fan of TheBatBoy12345 on YouTube and his Star Wars retrospectives.  As the Saga grows next month from seven to eight films, even more material to show the threads woven through all of the Star Wars films is available to talented YouTubers like BB (who if you aren’t following, you should be).  He offers an epic, three-chapter look at Anakin Skywalker including footage from Rogue One (a film that I think is really going to enlighten fans on exactly how Vader became known to the Rebellion and why he instantly became their most feared adversary).  Check it out and head over to YouTube to look at some of the other retrospectives.  It’s a good time to escape reality, and Star Wars has always been my go-to place for such times.

Site Note: Back on Track Thursday

This is not a political blog nor will it ever be, but I think readers around the world are going to be understanding if I take a day to soak my head after what happened tonight .  That is all.  I may change my mind and write, but this is more of a “Dave didn’t jump of KT HQ’s roof” check-in. Essentially, this is what it sounds like in my house right now: