Trailer Time: Ghost in the Shell Trailer #1 (2017) *Visually Stunning Anime Adaptation*

The first full trailer for Ghost in the Shell has been released, and whatever you think about the controversy surrounding the film, you can’t deny the visuals are total eye candy.  I think Kate Beckinsale’s leather onesie in the Underworld films just got one-upped.  If you’re not familiar, Ghost in the Shell is a classic anime series that Hollywood has long  sought to bring to the screen.  The controversy that’s dogged the movie has to do with “whitewashing”, or the casting of white actors in roles clearly not Caucasian.  For example Scarlett Johanssen is playing “Major Moto Kusanagi”.  Aside from the fact that I already told you this was an anime adaptation, I think you can probably see what has some fans up in arms about her casting.  At some point, though, they’re going to have to accept that this is the GITS movie they’re getting and decide whether it’s true to the series, ScarJo or no.  I’m not well-versed enough in the source material to be a judge myself, but the trailer looks pretty stunning if nothing else from a stylistic standpoint.  Ghost in the Shell is one of the movies that’s going to make March 2017 the most hotly contested March in the history of film.  GITS is scheduled for a March 31, 2017 release.
Scarlett Johanssen, Ghost in the Shell

Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond (2016) *Just Beyond Mediocre*

Chris Pine, Captain Kirk, Star Trek Beyond
Star Trek: Beyond is the 13th film to spin out of Gene Roddenberry’s original series, which began-hard to believe-over 50 years ago.  The film is a change of tone with a new writer in Simon Pegg (who also plays Scotty) and a new director in Fast & the Furious’ Justin Lin taking over for JJ Abrams.  The last installment, 2013’s Star Trek: Into Darkness, was deeply divisive, but Beyond came out in the back half of a deeply disappointing summer to fairly good reviews and did well enough that a fourth installment with Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto’s new crew is already scheduled.  Despite all that, this was the first Star Trek film I didn’t see in the theaters on opening weekend since Star Trek VI.  I didn’t see it in the theaters at all.  I never felt excited by anything I’d seen.  The first trailer, featuring the Beastie Boys “Sabotage” blaring over what looked nothing like Trek really put me off (though if I knew the song was going to be a major plot point I probably would still be putting off seeing the film).  Mild spoilers below. Continue reading Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond (2016) *Just Beyond Mediocre*