Trailer Time: Silence Trailer #1 (2016) *Scorcese’s Next Masterpiece?*

(Text from Geek Tyrant)
The first trailer has been released for Martin Scorsese‘s new film Silence, and it looks like he’s created another masterpiece. The film is very different from anything he’s done before. Scorsese has been trying to make this film for the past 28 years. Now he’s finally done it, and it looks like it was well worth the wait. 

The story is set in the 17th century, and it centers on two Christian missionaries, played by Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver, who embark on a mission to Japan in search of their missing mentor, played by Liam Neeson. This journey is described as their ultimate test of faith as they enter a land where Christianity is outlawed. It looks like this is something that they will be struggling with. Of course, the movie is sure to go beyond that basic premise. 

This looks like a deep and powerful film that will go into questions of religious tolerance and explore the dangers of ministering the faith to the Japanese people during that time. There’s going to be plenty of stuff to chew on with this film. 

Silence opens in theaters on December 23rd.

4 thoughts on “Trailer Time: Silence Trailer #1 (2016) *Scorcese’s Next Masterpiece?*”

  1. Hmmm….very interesting cast. Kind of reminds me of Last Samurai a bit. Might have to check this out.


  2. I have a love/hate relationship with Scorcesse. I think he might be the greatest living director, and most of his films grab me and captivate me with a weird intensity. And yet I do not understand his preoccupation with psychopathy. I wanted to walk out of Wolf of Wall Street. I kept telling myself, “Unless this movie devotes some screen time to the victims of these sociopaths… in the next fifteen minutes, mind you… I am going to leave this theater.” And yet this three hour long, plotless paean to crime and debauchery was one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen. And I told myself: If I am ever on the fence about a Scorcesse film ever again, I’m going to force myself to not walk into the theater, because once the movie starts I will be trapped.

    I want to see Silence so badly. It’s not about psychopaths, but I foresee much graphic torture. I’ll have to see what the reviews are like, and word of mouth. If the film seems edifying, if the film makes real points (as opposed to just raising questions) I will endure the horrible violence. If not, I will have to grit my teeth and avoid it.


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