Carrie Fisher in Intensive Care After Medical Episode on Plane

Star Wars, Carrie Fisher, Stormtrooper

I was, ironically, at a screening of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story this evening when word began to move through the crowd that Carrie Fisher had been rushed to the hospital after a serious cardiac issue on an airplane.  The news we’re getting as to her condition is coming through her brother.  He initially told reporters that his sister had been treated and released, but now says he cannot comment on the exact nature of his condition.  What is clear is that Ms. Fisher has suffered a serious health crisis, and her recovery is in the hopes and prayers of all Star Wars fans.  Her co-stars took to Twitter to offer their well wishes for their friend.  Below is the latest update from The New York Times followed by the shallow, let’s face it, questions Star Wars fans have about what is the status of Episode VIII, and what will happens should, God forbid, she be unable to continue? Continue reading Carrie Fisher in Intensive Care After Medical Episode on Plane

My Favorite Scene: Elf (2003) “Santa Fever”

Normally, we do the My Favorite Scene column on Tuesdays, but I decided to wait until the weekend as it’s a special “Christmas Edition”. Christmas movies are a bit of a genre unto themselves, and it’s really tough to make one that doesn’t come off as treacly, preachy, or silly/depressing (depending on how your particular family is at the holidays). But, no matter if you’re celebrating this a religious holiday or just a blessed break from work/present orgy, Elf will work for all of you (and if it doesn’t, you’re stupid). Continue reading My Favorite Scene: Elf (2003) “Santa Fever”