Logan, Hugh Jackman Wolverine

Trailer Time: Logan Trailer #2 (2017) *The Wolverine Unleashed”

Logan’s first trailer was one of the best I’ve seen for any film in a long time and raised my hopes for Hugh Jackman’s final go-round as the claw-popping X-Man sky high.  The final trailer has arrived today.  The green band leads us off and a red band trailer (Logan will be R-rated, bowing finally to the logical conclusion that if a guy with six cleavers attached to his fists is punching people….stuff’s gonna get pulpy).
LoganLogan, Patrick Stewart, Professor Xavier


If the first trailer was about establishing Logan and Professor Xavier’s circumstances in this post-apocalyptic world, this trailer is about X-23 and how dangerous she is and has the potential to become without someone like Logan to guide her.  However they manage to tie this to the core team series, X-23 is going to be your Wolverine for awhile.  I don’t know if they’ll age her up a little and recast the part, but she’s certainly….formidable.  It’s also kind of amazing after watching a neutered Wolverine for PG-13 films for so long to see the comic book Logan dicing people.  I love the look of this film.  It feels almost like an indie film.  James Mangold almost got it right with The Wolverine.  This time it looks like he’s giving Jackman the send-off he deserves.  Logan opens March 3, 2017.

Logan, Wolverine, Hugh Jackman

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