La La Land, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling

Poll Update: Best Film of 2016 Week 2

Well, halfway into KT’s 5th Annual Poll for Film of the Year and Rogue One’s comfortable early lead has turned into a four-way race for the top spot.  Rogue One is still in the lead, but only just, holding off La La Land by a few percentage points, and Captain America: Civil War and Disney’s The Jungle Book aren’t far behind.  In all, 10 of the 15 nominees have received Best Picture votes showing what kind of year 2016 was at the movies.  As more people see La La Land, will it be able to eclipse the Star Wars spin-off or will one of Disney’s OTHER huge films from last year come racing to the front of the pack?  If you haven’t yet, VOTE!  You can find the poll on the Killing Time homepage at or by clicking here.  This is the reader’s choice: make your voices heard!

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