Scarlett Johannson, Ghost in the Shell

In Theaters This Week (3/31/2017): Ghost in the Shell, The Zookeeper’s Wife, Boss Baby

Jessica Chastain, The Zookeper's Wife

Each Thursday we look at what is going to be coming out in theaters this weekend, show you the trailers for the big releases, predict the box office winner and just generally give you enough of a carrot to pull you through the rest of the work week.  MARCH MOVIE MADNESS ends after five weeks of major releases with two anticipated adaptations and the Alec Baldwin baby film.  Yep.  That one.

Alec Baldwin, The Boss Baby

So let’s get right to it: why, Alec?  Why?  Why is THIS happening?  Why is there an animated film that seems to take Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock and turn him into a secret agent infant working AGAINST puppies?  An anti-puppy hyper-sentient baby yuppie.  So this is opening.  Parents will take children to it.  It’s animated.  They’ll watch anything animated.  If it makes more than $50 million, there’ll be another one.  That’s what you’re doing if you take your kids to that.  You’re creating that franchise.  BE that person.  OWN that.  (long awkward silence) And moving on.

Opening against the future multi-movie baby secret agent franchise movement will be the adaptation of the critically-acclaimed nonfiction bestseller: The Zookeeper’s Wife.  Starring Jessica Chastain, the World War II drama is getting middling reviews (better than Boss Baby, yes, thank you for asking) and seems destined for most people’s Redbox lists.  The big challenger is the long-awaited live action adaptation of the anime classic Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlett Johannson.  Weirdly kept from critics until the last 48 hours, the film is getting fairly strong reviews, but the absence of screenings has created a perception that the film’s a bomb that it now is going to have to struggle to get out from under.

The Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin, PG, 1hr 37min)

Ghost in the Shell (Scarlett Johansson, PG-13, 1hr 46m)

The Zookeeper’s Wife (Jessica Chastain, PG-13, 2hr 6m)

KT correctly predicted Beauty and the Beast would stay atop the box office, and the film did easily raising its worldwide take past $630 million.  Domestically, it raked in $90.5 million in its second week in theaters, doubling up #2: Lionsgate’s attempt to rekindle Power Rangers mania, which opened with $40.4 million.
(2017 Prediction Record: 11-2; Lifetime prediction record 49-7).
Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Beast, Belle, Beauty and the Beast

I think Ghost in the Shell might have had a chance to topple the Beast if it hadn’t been shuttered away.  With the film having one of the best second weeks of all-time last week, I think Beauty and the Beast will take all comers and threepeat.
Belle, Beast, Dan Stevens, Emma Watson, Beauty and the Beast

3 thoughts on “In Theaters This Week (3/31/2017): Ghost in the Shell, The Zookeeper’s Wife, Boss Baby”

  1. Ghost in the Shell is a visual marvel. Eye-popping. Its world is bright, unique, and filled with mesmerizing visuals. But the script is one big cliche, and instead of grappling with philosophical ideas, the film has the characters occasionally make brief pronouncements about philosophical ideas, before moving on. I am not familiar with the manga or the anime, but the fact that it’s held in such high regard means it must be very unlike this. Also I saw it in a popular IMAX theater, and it was half empty. This film will not fly in the US. Opening weekend revenue will determine whether or not it’s an outright disaster.

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      1. There is always that possibility nowadays, but this film had the pacing and the atmosphere of a more thoughtful film, except that the thought was missing. I had fun looking at it, but it was not exciting.


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