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Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Trailer – HD Screenshots and Breakdown

Having watched it about ten times now, the first teaser for The Last Jedi is a decidedly different roll out than either The Force Awakens or Rogue One got.  It’s definitely a teaser; not a full trailer and still gives very little away on plot, but what it does give is pretty jaw-dropping.  It looks like Luke did indeed find the first Jedi Temple, and agrees to train Rey (remember, this film will pick up exactly where Episode VII ended).  Kylo Ren/Ben Solo is on the teaser poster sporting a new scar courtesy of Rey and it looks like he’s ditched the helmet (what would grandfather think?).  Aside from that, the shots are very cryptic; new ships, Finn still recovering, a brief look at the new Super AT-ATs, but the shocker is the end of the teaser and Luke’s opinion of the Jedi.  Far from restarting the order, Luke says, “It’s time for the Jedi….to end.”  Stills from the trailer and more speculation below.

Back at Ach-Too, where we left them at the end of Episode VII, Luke is obviously training Rey.

Behind the head shot of the late Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia.  Non-CGI footage of Leia will be in Episode IX, so either her storyline was recut or altered, but she appears to be on the bridge of one of the starships we see later in the teaser.

Kylo appears without his helmet on both the poster and in the trailer. Did he ditch it (and grandfather???) or did Snoke make him lose it as part of HIS training?

Luke went looking for the beginnings of the Jedi and it appears he found it.  These look like crypts and the ancient Jedi symbol.  The notion of “balance” is something that brings the prophecy from Episode I back in to play unless it’s just a trailery buzz word.

The cinematography in the Disney age has really just jumped up to a different level.
This sequence appears to be on a new planet called Crait with some weird new speeders.  In the distance you can see the “Gorilla Walkers”, the First Order’s answer to the AT-AT, but twice the size.  My guess is the red smoke is to reduce the walker’s visibility.

Finn looks like he’s still recovering from the beatdown Kylo gave him; hopefully he’s not stuck in a pod the whole film.

An attack on the Rebel base or part of the massive starfighter battle at the trailer end?  Either way Poe and BB-8 reporting.

The Falcon either later on in the film when everyone leaves Ach-Too or did Chewie do a drop off is flying solo (no pun intended).

Are we going to see this rematch or is this dual shots of training.  Either way; new scar for Kylo and still no helmet, but he’s still rocking the crazy saber.

These might be the two most interesting stills for me aside from Kylo’s smoking ruin of a mask.  Is this a flashback to the destruction of Luke’s Jedi Order or does The First Order come to the island and drive them off.  Architecturally, it doesn’t look like the island, so were did the First Order and Phyla aid the Knights of Ren in slaughtering Luke’s students?

Unsure where, but giant space battle (assumed in a Star Wars film).

Then the biggest shocker of them all. “I only know one truth: it’s time for the Jedi….to end.”



Star Wars: The Last Jedi is scheduled for release in theaters on December 15, 2017.
Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker, Rey, Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, Star Wars

9 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Trailer – HD Screenshots and Breakdown”

  1. It’s not a shocker to me. Who was it who told you, back before TFA, that when Luke went into exile he had forsaken the Jedi order? Who was it again?

    Actually, I wasn’t quite THAT on the money, I assumed he had gone into exile directly following ROTJ.

    Awesome trailer. The balance thing is interesting, I hope there is an actual connection to the prequels there. However, if Anakin was not the Chosen One, if he did not bring balance after all, if the Force is still out of whack, that seriously takes the pre-Disney films and diminishes them. But maybe there isn’t just one Chosen One, maybe the Force needs to continually balance itself out, and people are chosen to do it, down through the ages. Maybe, just maybe, I have been watching too much of the Matrix, but it’s still an interesting idea that melds the whole Christ thing with a more Eastern perspective. Of course I never quite got what Lucas meant by “balance” if it just meant “no sith.” I guess he just means the sith throw things out of balance by their existence, but there might have been less confusing ways of conveying the general point that the Sith must be eradicated.

    Since Luke is clearly training Rey, I have to assume that he is not averse to all Force users, only the Jedi Order, for some reason unknown. He must have a different ethos in mind, but what? Didn’t Palpatine TEMPT Anakin by telling him that the Force must be studied in all its facets, not just according to Jedi dogma? Luke is WRONG, Dave, if there is one thing I have internalized over the course of my life, it is that whatever their flaws, whatever mistakes they might have made, the Jedi are noble and good and a galaxy with them is better than a galaxy without. This is a fascinating trailer, with one caveat: if it turns out that the quote from Luke is just a throwaway line from a brief moment where he experiences doubt before Rey reassured him again, I will be incredibly irked.

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    1. YES YES you may MAY have mentioned something like that lol. Here’s what I think. Luke was trained unlike any Jedi. Adult beginner, no temple, no extended period of instruction, largely self-taught, and when he restarted the Order, he thought he did it the way he was supposed to, but really what did he even have to go off of? He was it. Things went to pieces. He, likely, lost his wife, his nephew fell and no doubt he blames himself for all his subsequent actions. So he went looking for the first temple because he wanted to know what he did wrong. And he found it. And he found something that made him question the entire Order’s history. In the animated series, it’s canon that the temple on Coruscant was built atop an ancient Sith temple. Some people think that evil permeated the Jedi and contributed to their fall. One thing we do know is that in the Disney era a concerted effort has been made to show that the Force can be utilized to some extent (Maz and the Guardians of the Whills) by non-Jedi or Sith. That it is, as Luke says in the trailer, “so much bigger”. I think the notion of balance has to be continuous because something can’t be balanced forever if it’s made up of an ever changing stream of living beings. The prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the Force, may have been misinterpreted. Perhaps there always needs to be a fulcrum and Anakin was intended to be his generation’s, but a continual war has been being fought because no one has been acting as the balance. The animated show also introduced three living personifications of the Force: one dark, one light, one balanced (you need to watch those). I think Luke discovered a secret that will change forever how the Jedi in the past are looked at, but I cannot imagine that we’re not going to have Jedi and Sith going forward. Bob Iger says there are 15 years at least of SW films after Episode IX (love to know what the next is), but all of them can’t be spin-offs. I can’t see there not being more episodes even if it is a new saga and I think the Jedi will be reborn from this trilogy in a new fashion, and I do not think Luke’s line is a throwaway. I think he’s in a very dark place, he’s been alone a very long time, and he’s had a very hard life; probably considers himself a failure. Remember back also before TFA: what did JJ Abrams say is the central question of this trilogy? WHO IS LUKE SKYWALKER? Likely he’s talking to Rey when he says what he says and it’s probably at the end of laying out his findings. I don’t think it’s a final conclusion; I think it’s a place he’s at. An interesting side note, translation of the poster into various foreign languages has indicated that “THE LAST JEDI” is plural not singular. Also, it was a blow to find out from Kathleen Kennedy that Leia will not be in Episode IX as reported. I don’t know how they can do justice to sending her off, but at this point Disney pretty much has my full trust that they’re going to do the best they can and then some. And I think THEY know that, and that’s why we only got a real teaser this time instead of a full-blown trailer. They know they got us. I’m bummed Kylo is losing the helmet. I LOVE the poster and the use of color. Rey seems to be pulling the darkness out of the divide between Kylo and Luke, both of whom look very dark.

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  2. The episodes need to end. Otherwise, we enter Arbitrary Land, the Place Where the Same Thematic Elements Keep Getting Recombined in Different Ways, Forever.

    If Disney starts developing some of the spinoffs into their own trilogies, and makes the subject matter of those trilogies much more sweeping and epic than Rogue One or Han Solo or (presumably) the Obi-Wan and Boba spinoffs, that would fill the void left by the proper episodes. I could see it happening.

    Disney has made such a concerted effort to move the Force away from just the Jedi and the Sith that I have to believe it’s central to their plans for the future of the franchise. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the Jedi went down, and with the Sith down too, everyone who was Force sensitive was free to explore the Force, or not, as they saw fit? You could have an organization that kind of policed Force use, a sort of regulatory agency, but the Force would become completely democratized. Whatever happens (and I’m sure what I just said will not) I have to reiterate that I want the episodes to end. Luke’s statement at the end of this trailer is so portentous if TLJ is to be the penultimate chapter. If the chapters are to go on, it’s just a speed bump, because we know nothing permanent will come of it.

    Last I heard Kennedy and Co. are mulling the question over, so nothing is a done deal.

    I honestly don’t know where this story is going. I really don’t think it’s going to parallel the OT too much from this point on, I think that ended with TFA. I can’t figure out if Rey and Ren are related, or destined to become lovers (hey, don’t knock the possibility, it could happen, though I would get a concussion after repeatedly banging my head against a wall). I’m miffed at the loss of the helmet too, Ren is now missing a fascinating visual hook. Even Tarkin had that cadaverous appearance.

    I still can’t believe no more Leia. I would prefer a CGI Leia to this. I know that personal considerations and respect to Fisher are more important than storytelling considerations, but still, this is going to lead to a huge lapse in storytelling.


    1. I disagree. I think the Skywalker saga can end and episodes can continue if story warrants, which is essentially what Kathleen Kennedy said and I do NOT want a CGI Leia. That’s more distracting than no Leia at all and we don’t know how Rian Johnson allotted the scripts to begin with, so we’ll just have to trust them, which I have no problem doing. It seems to me though that Rey, Poe, Finn, Kylo, and that whole new cast is so young that three movies doesn’t seem like enough adventures for them. Story is king, though, so especially after what they did with Rogue One to take a good film and make it great in a way that does not happen in Hollywood, I trust they’re going to make great stories no matter what. The standalones really can do two things: focus on an event in the Star Wars Universe and expand on it (Rogue One) or give insight into a character’s background (Han Solo). I think a Boba Fett film is either coming or will get wrapped into the Han Solo films because I think they’ll be more than one just because Lawrence Kasdan hates what the prequels did to him so much and wants to fix it. I think an obvious event film is Obi-Wan’s exile on Tatooine. I don’t want 15 years of stand alones, and let’s be real, it’s not stopping at 15. Why not a brand new saga? Set it in the Old Republic or far in the New or whenever, but you can do anything in this universe and it doesn’t have to be tied to Lucas’ original vision past these 9 episodes in some form. A sandbox this big can support multiple sagas, again, if story is king, and the parallels I think you will see less of in VIII and IX. Some, because it’s just part of SW, but it’s not the most popular part of the franchise. Disney, as long as they can keep coming up with good stories, will make these forever, and I think there are enough stories in this universe to support that. We never thought they could add characters to the canon as beloved as the OT characters, but now we have this wealth of new life. I like BB8 and K2S0 better than R2 and Threepio. Heresey, whatever. They’re better characters, and pretty much anything Kennedy says seems like it’s pulled straight from my brain so I hope she’s at the helm for a very long time. I just hope the maestro can hold on long enough to score Episode IX and then I’d like to see the reigns handed to Giacchino who did a great job with Rogue One in the three weeks he had to score it. Imagine if they gave him a human amount of time.


      1. When I talk about episodes, I am not talking about a primarily new saga, with characters who are not Skywalkers, set way down the line in a New Republic. If they want to make that, and call it a fourth trilogy, that’s fine by me. But the non-episodes do not have to be about characters or expanded OT/PT events, there could be a trilogy based on KOTOR for example.

        Since they are not truncating Leia’s role in 8, and she will not be in 9 at all, though that was the plan, I can only assume that her arc will be, not just given short shrift, but dropped completely, and whatever fix they come up with will be, just by the nature of the situation, unsatisfactory. I would SO prefer a CGI Lei, or some other form of cinematic trickery. I have all the trust in Lucasfilm in the world, but this one was taken out of their hands by fate, and they’re making the wrong hard decision as they try to patch it.

        It is heresy to place BB8 and K2S0 over R2 and 3P0, and yet I know what you mean. Rogue One has risen to be one of my favorite SW films, and a big reason is that I love all the highly memorable characters.

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      2. That’s exactly what I mean when I say new saga, you put it into better words. I think they may surprise us with Leia. They’ve been so loving and protective of Fisher and the character that I think they have something.


  3. Another observation… since we know there will be SOME parallels to ESB, Finn in the pod is reminiscent of Han in the carbonite, no?

    I’m betting that while Finn is in that pod, he will be in serious danger of getting returned to the First Order, and the pod will be manhandled.


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