Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman

Trailer Time: Wonder Woman Trailer #5 (2017) “Rise of the Warrior”

Well, you have to say this: if Wonder Woman fails, it won’t be for lack of trailers.  This is the fifth (plus a gazillion TV spots), which is kind of a greatest hits of all the other trailers set to some unfortunately chosen hair band rock.  It also seems to imply that in addition to Ares as a villain, Diana will be fighting a meta connected with the poison gas that killed so many in World War I.  I personally would have stuck with Ares.  My take on Wonder Woman is that it looks phenomenal, I want it badly to succeed because a DCEU in trouble is trouble for comic book movies as a whole and the genre needs strong female role models (and btw, shame on Marvel for not giving Black Widow her own movie long before this).  That being said, Gal Gadot has never carried a movie, Patty Jenkins is an unproven director, and I’m seeing the same scenes showing up in all five of these trailers which could either mean they don’t want to give away more (which is good) or this is the best they have (which is not so good).  I’m rooting for it, and I’m taking the optimistic view that it can pull this off.  Wonder Woman opens June 2, 2017.

3 thoughts on “Trailer Time: Wonder Woman Trailer #5 (2017) “Rise of the Warrior””

  1. They’re not holding back. After the way the DCEU has been savaged, they would be showing everything awesome that they could get away with, if more of it existed.

    It’s OK. The MCU exists, and is wonderful, and now they have Spider-Man. The DCEU will not bring the genre down as much as you keep saying, or at least it will not bring down the MCU. And I’m not just saying this because I’m still basking in the marvelous time I had watching GOTG2. The MCU films are colorful, fun, inventive, and appropriate for kids and adults alike. No one is going to stop seeing them just because another studio puts out something dour and unappealing that happens to be in the same genre.


    1. I’m projecting ahead. The DCEU so far has put out four films in four years. Soon they’re going to be doing 3-4 a year. Combine that with what WILL be a drastic change in the MCU after May 2019, and yes, a rancid DCEU will bring down the genre. A lot of that is on the MCU to make the most difficult transition maybe any film franchise has ever had to do to sustain itself, but any stumble there combined with a subpar DC film every quarter will cause fatigue. I’m looking long term. No, even if WW and JL tank and are awful, things are fine. NOW. But the foundation will be rotten and when it needs to be strong and their films will have an impact then we gots a problem. That being said a Matt Reeves Batman film and Joss Whedon Batgirl film and any Nightwing movie will have me super excited. If they can just stay in Gotham…


      1. OK, point taken. But if the DCEU tone remains as resolutely different as it is right now, and the MCU maintains its quality, I think the MCU is good enough and appealing enough to maintain its popularity. If the DCEU starts trying to mimic the MCU formula, and a significant number of MCU films start taking a dive in quality, all bets are off. But right now, we are dealing with such disparate universes and approaches that people can tell the difference, and are not going to blame one on the other.


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