Robin Wright

Robin Wright’s 10 Best Movies

Robin Wright
Robin Wright has a stellar resume of quality films stretching from 1987’s The Princess Bride to 2017’s Wonder Woman.  Stellar roles have kept coming her way because she, along with Kevin Spacey, brought their star power to Netflix and House of Cards.  The series’ resultant success has made quality TV roles vehicles for actresses to continue to showcase their talent past Hollywood’s ageist bias against experienced actresses.  She’s created memorable characters, been an anchor in any ensemble she’s entered, and even managed to stay married to Sean Penn to an improbably long amount of time clearly demonstrating some kind of supernatural patience.
The Princess Bride, Dread Pirate Roberts, Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Princess Buttercup
Robin Wright’s Best 10
1. Princess Bride (1987) Princess Buttercup
2. Blade Runner 2049 (2017) Lt. Joshi
3. Wonder Woman (2017) Antiope
4. Moneyball (2011) Sharon
5. House of Cards (2013-2018 Netflix) Claire Underwood
6. Unbreakable (2000) Audrey Dunn
7. Forrest Gump (1994) Jenny Curran
8. State of Play (2009) Anne Collins
9. Empire Falls (2005) Grace Roby
10. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) Erika Berger
Honorable MentionEverest (2015) Peach Weathers

Wonder Woman, Robin Wright, Antiope

Oscars, Golden Globes & Emmys

Oscar Wins (0): None

Oscar Nominations (0): None

House of Cards, Frank Underwood, Claire Underwood, Netflix, Robin Wright, Kevin Spacey

Golden Globe Wins (1): House of Cards (2014)

Golden Globe Nominations (4)Forrest Gump (1995), House of Cards (2014, 2015, 2016)

Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks, Robin Wright

Emmy Wins (0): None

Emmy Nominations (7): House of Cards (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 -Acting & Producing, 2017 – Acting & Producing)

Unbreakable, Robin Wright

My Favorite Wright Scene:
Buttercup and Wesley Reunited from The Princess Bride (1987)


Next Film:  The fate of House of Cards is in doubt after Kevin Spacey’s firing from the show, and it’s hard to imagine how the show could be finished without his character, so we may never know what House of Cards had in store for season six.  Though, given the circumstances, I think Netflix made absolutely the correct call.  Wright is not currently attached to any other project.

Robin Wright in House of Cards


4 thoughts on “Robin Wright’s 10 Best Movies”

  1. If the only thing any of those actors ever did was Princess Bride, they would be enshrined in my Inner Film Temple for the duration of my life. I know that Wright has done other things, but TPB is indescribably special, and you feel like if you removed even one actor, the tapestry would come undone.

    She was in a film called The Futurological Congress a few years back that I have not gotten around to seeing. It is loosely based on a Stanislaw Lem novel, and Lem is one of those writers who got me through high school, though he did it by feeding my darker, more cynical side. So there is no excuse for me not having seen that movie, except for the fact that there is to much other stuff in the wold to watch and read.

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    1. She’s got some really solid films on her resume that you don’t normally even associate with her like Moneyball and Unbreakable, but having WW and House of Cards Season 5 come out for her in 3 days is a pretty nice coup.


    1. Well, I’m not as huge a fan of Forrest Gump as most (you can check out the Top 5 Scenes from it under the IMDB TOP 250 menu) and a big reason is….I hate Jenny. I hate her. Not Robin, but the character. HAAAAATE her. House of Cards’ first two seasons are pretty impeccable, but it got bogged down in three and four. Five, I would argue was more Robin Wright’s season than Kevin Spacey’s and it looks like six will be as well. It’s the uneven nature that drops it below films that are solid home runs, but that’s the nature of judging a TV show vs a film. She’s been in a lot more fantastic films than people think. Realizing this was the 30th anniversary of The Princess Bride made me feel…very….very…olllllld.

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