Andrew Garfield in Breathe

Breathe Trailer #1 (2017) *Andy Serkis’ Directorial Debut*

In addition to completing his motion capture masterpiece performance as Casesar (yes, it may have passed Gollum), Andy Serkis has also directed his first film.  Serkis was Peter Jackson’s second-unit director on The Hobbit Trilogy, but Breathe will mark his feature film debut, and this film looks like Oscar bait.  Claire Foy is hot off of the success of The Crown, and Andrew Garfield seems to have put his Spider-debacle behind him with Hacksaw Ridge.  Read the synopsis of this inspiring story below, courtesy of IMDB, and Breathe will hit theaters on October 13, 2017.

Adventurous and charismatic, Robin Cavendish has his whole life ahead of him when he is paralyzed by polio while in Africa and given just months to live. Against all advice, Robin’s wife Diana brings him home from hospital where her devotion and witty determination inspire him to lead a long and fulfilled life. Together they refuse to be limited by expectations, dazzling others with their humor, courage and lust for life.

Claire Foy and Andrew Garfield in Breathe

14 thoughts on “Breathe Trailer #1 (2017) *Andy Serkis’ Directorial Debut*”

  1. I don’t know how you put the spider debacle behind you, but now I think of Hacksaw Ridge when I think of Garfield, so I’m pretty sure he succeeded. I made a big mistake, I saw the misbegotten disaster that was ASM2, and all I can say is oh my god, but you can’t blame Garfield, the guy was bound by a contract, and to be fair, the first ASM gave no earthly warning. I was let down by Silence, but even if no one remembers that film when looking back on Marty’s oeuvre, it still put distance between Garfield and that climactic battle with the Rhino. I hope for his sake he branches out, because a steady stream of prestige films will only get you so far, but I like him. He’s making good, classy films.

    Searkis, on the other hand… I want to see him use technology!

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    1. Ohhh, I thought you’d seen it. It rivals Batman & Robin and Superman III and IV. It’s the maddest a modern super hero movie has made me, and no it wasn’t Garfield’s fault. I rewatched Hacksaw last night and I actually saw and liked Silence, well, it impressed me, so he’s doing more than his part to deliver quality prestige dramas. Andy Serkis is about to deliver War of the Planet of the Apes, and I think he’ll do mocap as long as he can, but what he also needs to do is teach. He needs to teach a new generation of actors to continue this amazing new way to act and that’s why I’m fine with another Jungle Book next year with him behind it. It isn’t going to diminish Disney’s, I don’t know how it will be anywhere near as good, and I honestly don’t care because the cast is as good as Disney’s and those actors are getting a master’s class in mocap from the man who invented acting in its form on an Academy Award level. And, for the reord, Serkis, is also playing Baloo, and his cast is Benedict Cumberbatch as Shere Kahn, Christian Bale as Bagheera, Cate Blanchett as Kaa, Naomie Harris as Nisha, and Freida Pinto, Mathew Rhys, and Tom Hollander in other roles. So he can do both.

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      1. You know how much I loved Disney’s Jungle Book. It was one of the best films of that year, it was one of the most groundbreaking special effects films ever made, and it surpassed my memories of reading Kipling as a kid. Plus, Christopher Walken as Louie was one of the greatest sequences in the history of film (I can say that now, with some distance). But while Serkis the Director is an unknown quantity, and I’m not exactly expecting great things, I am accepting the possibility that great things might happen. His JB might, possibly, surpass the one that was just put out by Disney.

        Breathe might give us some indication, but I don’t think so. It’s what you said about teaching. If his JB is truly dark and threatening, if his approach is different enough to warrant another film, I have a feeling his film might eclipse the one from last year, because he’s going to be guiding consummate actors through the process he helped create. I have so much hope.

        I want him to make Orwell’s Animal Farm one day. I once read him talk about it, but nothing happened. Could you imagine?

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      2. Snoke. I really hope he turns out to be more than this trilogy’s placeholder for Palpatine, because he’s got a definite charisma, and the way he came across in TFA was weird. He was almost like a Harry Potter character. It is my enthusiastic hope that he is made unique, and I want it to happen in the films themselves, rather than the new EU. It’s not screen time I’m asking for, just an interesting explanation. And please don’t tell me that Hannibal Lector fed him LSD before getting him to cut his own face (seriously, he looks EXACTLY LIKE like Gary Oldman as Mason Verger).

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      3. My brother is convinced he’s Mace Windu and there’s no talking him out of it. I think he’s something else. If there’s more than one chosen one, if the Force needs a fulcrum, what if, a long time ago it was Snoke and he looked at the Jedi and Sith and picked a third way and has been waiting for the other players to wipe themselves out or orchestrating the whole thing, playing a long con and biding his time.

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      4. I hope he hasn’t been orchestrating prior events, or manipulating behind the scenes, because it takes away from the greatness of Palpatine as an arch villain.

        But forget all of that.

        Snoke stepped in because there was a power vacuum. No Sith, no Jedi. TFA went to unusual lengths to show us that there were Force users in the galaxy, and powerful ones, who were not Jedi or Sith. And now, in the trailer for TLJ, Luke actually says that he thinks the Jedi should die out. I don’t think Snoke has been playing a long game at all, I think he is an opportunist. People who compared him to the Wizard of Oz were maybe closer to the truth than they thought. He might very well be less powerful than Palpatine, at least in terms of the Force, instead of more. I’m pretty sure it’s Driver’s character we should be paying attention to, and that he’s going to end up being the most significant player in the sequel trilogy. But, time will tell.

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      1. I have, and he didn’t strike me there as someone special at all – just another up-and-coming young man playing a confusing teenager torn between two girls lol. Little did I know.

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