Michael Fassbender in The Snowman

The Snowman Trailer #1 (2017) “The Iceman Cometh”

Boasting an impressive cast, and adapted from the best-selling novel by Jo Nesbo, The Snowman…doesn’t seem immediately to have anything to distinguish it from the run-of-the-mill horror film.  However, when you have Fassbender, JK Simmons, Val Kilmer, Rebecca Ferguson, and others involved, there’s always the possibility….oh hey, remember the Michael Keaton movie where he’s a crap dad, dies, and comes back as a reincarnated snowman?  This, I say with confidence, is already a leg up on that.  The Snowman hits theaters in October.

The Snowman Poster

4 thoughts on “The Snowman Trailer #1 (2017) “The Iceman Cometh””

  1. “He’s playing games with us.”

    “We need a way to lure him out.”

    “Be careful. We don’t know what we’re dealing with.”

    “He’s been watching us the whole time.”

    “He’s taunting us.”

    “If we don’t find him, this is never going to stop.”

    “There’s something we’re not seeing.”

    “I could have saved her.”


    “He calls himself the (insert killer’s name) killer.”

    Whoa. They fit a LOT of cliches into one trailer. There must be soooo many cliches in the film itself. I guess they felt people needed a compass, since the film has a murderer putting severed body parts in snowmen. The film does look gorgeous, though, it actually looks quite beautiful for a cliched violent thriller. I’m not familiar with this director’s work, but maybe the cast could sense there was something interesting going on, even if the script was nothing special?


  2. I thought the same about the lines being cliched but giving the director’s credentials it is going to be amazingly stylised and visually intense.


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