Bright Trailer #1 (2017) *Will Smith’s Netflix Blockbuster*

Netflix continues to forge ahead with their plans to take on the big boys in movies as well as TV, despite the critical bomb that was Brad Pitt’s War Machine.  The next big effort will come in December with Will Smith and Bright.  You can’t say it’s not ambitious.  I really didn’t think you could come up with a more diverse, racially-divided LA, but…hats off to David Ayer for bringing elves into the mix.  It looks like it could be great or awful with absolutely no middle ground.

The movie was directed by Max Landis and it also stars Noomi Rapace, Edgar Ramírez, Ike Barinholtz, and Brad William Henke.  Bright will be available to stream on Netflix starting on December 22, 2017

Set in an alternate present-day where humans, orcs, elves, and fairies have been co-existing since the beginning of time. Bright is genre-bending action movie that follows two cops from very different backgrounds. Ward (Smith) and Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), embark on a routine patrol night and encounter a darkness that will ultimately alter the future and their world as they know it.
Will Smith in Bright

8 thoughts on “Bright Trailer #1 (2017) *Will Smith’s Netflix Blockbuster*”

  1. Just two films in, and my faith in Netflix is almost gone. i’m sorry, but this looks bizarrely bad. First of all, it’s Will Smith in a Men in Black knockoff, except it’s not, it feels like a knockoff of a knockoff, like RIPD or something. Plus there’s Artemis Fowl, the Dresden Files, and all manner of police/detective fiction that’s mixed with high fantasy. It exists already. It’s out there. The books are best sellers. I guess Netflix thinks it can get away with something, since people no longer read. The tone of this is way off, too, there is something wrong with it. I’ll watch it though, at least I’ll start. I am drawn to it, as if to wreckage, but I don’t think this is the first Netflix franchise, I think this is as bad as it looks.

    With the caveat that I could be wrong. With each passing moment I grow older, spend more time out in the world. And that means my knowledge steadily tapers away.

    Dunkirk is so good, I dare not speak and jinx the box office. I await your review.

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  2. Funny how a world that supposedly had humans and the fae living together since the beginning looks exactly like a world where this never happened, except for a few superficial changes. Sloppy world-building, people.

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    1. Pretty much. OR….it’s possible that LA is just THAT impervious to being anything other than what it is. Since I used to live there…I think we have to consider it lol.

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  3. Sorry, way off topic, but I loved Valerian beyond love. Thought it was going to be terrible at first, but it totally won me over after 10 minutes. Go figure. The two films I was longing to see this summer were both wonderful! In the space of two days I got to take them both in. I need no other home runs now, I am content with whatever else the summer might bring.


    1. I’m so glad you liked it and I’m in no way ever going to see it lol! But I really am glad you loved it. Dunkirk is the best film of 2017 and I will write up the review when Comic Con stops spitting out new stories every six seconds.


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