The Iron Giant in Ready Player One

Ready Player One Trailer #1 (2018) “Are You Ready To Play?”

There is not a vast body of classic video game literature, but the holy grail in it is Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One.  Straight from the Warner Bros. panel at Comic Con is the first look at Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the novel slated for a March 2018 release.  The first trailer seems to focus on the F/X and not the novel’s amazing plot, which hopefully will seen in upcoming looks (we are nine months out, after all).

Ready Player One

Set in the near future, Ready Player One follows outcast teenager Wade Watts (Sheridan), who escapes from his bleak surroundings by logging in to the OASIS, a globally networked virtual utopia where users can lead idyllic alternate lives. When eccentric billionaire who created the OASIS dies, he offers up his vast fortune as the prize in an elaborate treasure hunt. Along with gamers from around the world, Wade joins the adventure, and quickly finds himself pitted against powerful corporate foes and other ruthless competitors who will do anything, in the oasis or the real world, to reach the treasure first. The film stars Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cook, Mark Rylance, Simon Pegg, and Ben Mendelsohn.
Ready Player One

14 thoughts on “Ready Player One Trailer #1 (2018) “Are You Ready To Play?””

  1. This movie will be something special, but I have officially ceased to be amazed by CGI imagery, judging by my reaction to this trailer, which is trying to instill a sense of wonder in the viewer, to the exclusion of all else. And I don’t think that works anymore. If the novel’s premise had been described, THAT might have installed a sense of wonder in me.

    I’m not saying don’t use CGI, it’s wonderful that anything is possible now, but Hollywood is going to have to start wowing people with ideas, not special effects. And when you have a film that has some great ideas, start with those when the time comes for marketing. I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but this trailer can only diminish public interest in RP1.

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      1. Oh, completely. I’m excited too. There is nothing wrong with a film like Bridge of Spies, I thought it was masterful, but you’re not counting the days until it comes out and you get to see Tom Hanks negotiate. It’s good that Steve is still interested in magic. From time to time.

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    1. There’s a lot in this trailer that’s not in the book and I get they’re taking advantage of the WB catalogue to insert pop culture icons, but I get nervous when The Iron Giant is now apparently a huge character. Adapt the damn book. It’s pretty much perfect and one of the best novels of the decade. I don’t want to see Spielberg get in his own way again.

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      1. I hate to tell you this, but Steve and the cast have been going around saying this won’t be a slavish adaptation, but will surprise fans

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      2. There used to be a directness and a simplicity to his work. Even Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s lost had that. They were quintessential old school Spielberg. It’s not that he has lost that quality from his old work, it’s that he has deliberately turned away. And it’s a huge mistake on his part. I can already tell that RP1 will be a cluttered movie with inelegant storytelling.


  2. Dave, I must have been half asleep the first time I watched this trailer, I did not realize how many pop culture references it contained. I watched the trailer again tonight, and I’m sure I missed about ten thousand shout outs, but in addition to Iron Giant there was Harley Quinn and Deathstroke and the BTTF DeLorean and Freddy Krueger, and my interest in this movie just went up a thousandfold. I’m going to watch the trailer on the biggest screen I can get my hands on, and sit there, and just examine the hell out of it.

    Am I wrong to think this is going to have something to do with the ubiquity of pop culture, and they way our reality is now being filtered through it?

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    1. No…the whole thing is a treasure hunt. The creator of the oasis dies and leaves keys to unlocking his fortune within the game world and he was obsessed by the 80s so most of them are classic arcade games. The other pop culture stuff I dunno but the Delorean is in the book. The author cowrote the screenplay so thats my only hope.

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      1. Mmmmmm…. I can you right now, this movie is going to go far afield. I know the premise is the same, that’s what I’ve read at any rate and it immediately made me think of Willy Wonka, but if you’re telling me the pop culture references in the book were all from video games, then this movie has other things on its mind. As a gamer I’m sure you were looking forward to this, and I don’t want to sound too harsh, because you might be nurturing some small measure of optimism, but you should consider abandoning all hope, because this will NOT be the book. I’ve read a few people involved with the film who have come right out and said it. One of them was Rylance, one might have been Spielberg himself but I don’t remember for sure.

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