The Walking Dead Season 8

The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer #1 *From Comic Con 2017*

I have fallen off The Walking Dead myself with all of the other shows out there, the zombie drama that never ends has gotten stale.  That being said, there are still hordes of you who haven’t so when Comic Con drops a five-minute trailer for the show’s upcoming eighth season, far be it from me to pass it along to the Deadheads.  Without even having seen it, I’m going to bet Rick is going to be very tense and wrought about something also Negan will probably drop a naughty.  Pure speculation.  The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 22, 2017.
The Walking Dead Season 8

3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer #1 *From Comic Con 2017*”

  1. I’m sorry George Romero died, and I actually enjoyed some of his zombie flicks when I was a kid, but the Walking Dead is so his fault. Night of the Living Dead has that wonderful, downbeat ending, but I would not have thought it was so great after watching for ten years. I’ve only watched a little of this show, but if I watched it faithfully I would just be thinking, “they’re all going die, aren’t they?” the entire time. I can’t do that to myself. Romero was allowed to stretch zombies into an entire career, because he invented the genre. The Walking Dead is just perverse.


    1. It WAS really good, but it’s never been as good as the first season when they kicked Frank Darabont off as show runner and it pads its seasons something fierce. However, it’s just gotten lost in the gore and that was never the point; the point was the human stories and how the humans were even more dangerous than the zombies after awhile and now it’s just shock violence. But for a comic that Robert Kirkman had to lie about to get published, the man is building castles out of his stacks of money.

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      1. Or sleeping on them, like Smaug. Considering how The Mist ends, maybe kicking Frank off was a good idea. The end of that movie floored me, and also I never want to see the man tackle horror ever again.


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