Top 10 Movie Crimes of All-Time

It’s been too long since we had a great CineFix list, so today’s special is their take on the Top 10 Move Crimes of All-Time.  CineFix, for those of you who aren’t aware, is a fantastic YouTube channel devoted to extremely smart and clever movie lists, and you should be subscribing.  What they do so well with their lists is they don’t just list 10 crimes; they take the subject (here “crime”) and break it down into 10 component parts and then rank each rung on the ladder accordingly.  You have the best motive, the best assembling of the team, the best loot, the best planning of the crime, the crime itself, the aftermath, etc.  Ten films chosen for being the best at their particular part of the stages of a crime from beginning to end.  They may not always pick what I would have, but they always entertain, and this is a brilliant way to examine movie crimes throughout cinematic history.
Reservoir Dogs