Poll Results: The Most Anticipated Fall 2017 Film Is….

If the Fall 2017 movies poll is any indication, Hollywood is in for nearly as dark a fall as they’ve had all August.  KT voters only seriously considered three fall offerings for “Most Anticipated”, and after the first two weeks: only one.  Thor: Ragnarok is the most anticipated film of the fall, capitalizing on a series of amazing trailers showing Thor, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Valkyrie, and Loki battling Hela, goddess of death (Cate Blanchett).  Fending off Blade Runner 2049, Justice League finished second, but those three films were the only films with any significant voter response.  Murder on the Orient Express finished fourth with Goodbye Christopher Robin and mother! tying for fifth.  There are a lot of interesting offerings coming in the next three months, but as far as anticipation goes at this point, it’s Blade Runner, Thor and Justice League.

September 1st marks the beginning of Emmy Month and Killing Time’s yearly “The Best Show on TV” poll.  In the four years of previous winner, no show has repeated as winner, which does not bode well for last year’s champion: The Flash.  Aside from the Best Film poll, this is the most important reader feedback poll of the year, so, yes, I will be incredibly annoying about reminding you to vote in it.  INCREDIBLY.  Look for that to go up Thursday, but for now, thank you to all who voted in this month’s poll.  Thor: Ragnarok opens in theaters November 3, 2017.
Thor: Ragnarok Poster

3 thoughts on “Poll Results: The Most Anticipated Fall 2017 Film Is….”

    1. I think Goodbye Christopher Robbin looks good and I loved American Assassin the book, and the trailer for Last Flag Flying makes me wish they’d put it out on time for the poll. But I’m like everyone else, those top 3 and then wait on reviews. There’s definitely more quality coming on the TV poll than we have had in theaters all year.

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  1. I honestly don’t think the fall looks all that bad. Thor we’ve been over, and looking at the poster I’m struck by how strong the cast is. Blade Runner is going to nail it after four decades. A bad Pixar movie about the Mexican Day of the Dead would be a paradox; not a logical paradox, because I cannot exactly pinpoint what the problem would be, but an imaginative paradox for sure. And as long as Kenneth does not have Poirot wearing a disrespectful hairnet like Albert Finney, any Poirot is good Poirot.

    I know nothing about the creation of Winne the Pooh. Goodbye Christopher Robin looks like it balances some tones in an interesting way, and is really good. And I love the Coens in their Nasty Mode so much that I’ve seen A Serious Man three times (the first time it was horrible, the second time I had to watch it because it was haunting me after the first time, and the third time I realized you don’t have to be Jewish to like it, like all my Jewish friends told me. It’s absolutely brilliant). If Justice League delivers, and I actually concede that it might, this is going to be a really good fall indeed, full of variety.

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