Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling’s 10 Best Movies

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is finally moving from mostly indie films into the big time, and over the last five years has been an integral part of some of the best films produced.  Gosling’s talent stretches from comedy (The Nice Guys, Crazy Stupid Love) to hard drama (Half-Nelson, The Ides of March) to action (Blade Runner 2049) and even song and dance (La La Land).  Gosling’s dedication to his roles is such that he learned to play the piano for La La Land.  With Blade Runner 2049’s critical success, Gosling can really do whatever he wants and join the elite ranks of Hollywood’s leading men.

Ryan Gosling in La La Land

Ryan Gosling’s Best 10
1. La La Land (2016) Sebastian
2. Blade Runner 2049 (2017) K
3. Remember the Titans (2000) Alan Bosley
4. The Nice Guys (2016) Holland March
5. The Big Short (2015) Jared Vennett
6. The Ides of March (2011) Stephen Meyers
7. Crazy. Stupid. Love. (2011) Jacob
8. Drive (2011) Driver
9. Fracture (2007) Willy Beachum
10. Half-Nelson (2006) Dan Dunne
Honorable Mention: Lars and the Real Girl (2007) Lars Lindstrom

Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049

Oscars, Golden Globes & Emmys

Oscar Wins (0):

Oscar Nominations (2): Half-Nelson (2007), La La Land (2017)

Ryan Gosling in The Big Short

Golden Globe Wins (1): La La Land (2017)

Golden Globe Nominations (5): Lars and the Real Girl (2008), Blue Valentine (2011), Crazy. Stuipid. Love. (2012), The Ides of March (2012), La La Land (2017)

Ryan Gosling in Remember the Titans

Emmy Wins (0): None

Emmy Nominations (0): None

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in The Nice Guys

My Favorite Gosling Scene:

“What a Waste of a Lovely Night” from La La Land (2016)

Next Film: Gosling will be re-teaming with La La Land director Damien Chazelle to tell astronaut Neil Armstrong’s story in 2018’a The First Man on the Moon.

Ryan Gosling and Neil Armstrong

9 thoughts on “Ryan Gosling’s 10 Best Movies”

  1. Ides of March was so wonderfully cynical. The world of politics deserves to have cynical movies made about it. The darker and sleazier the better. I remember that towards the end, I was wondering if Gosling’s character was going to use his insider information to bring the conspiracy down, and I was thinking, “No! No! Use it to advance your own career!”

    Gosling will emerge from BR unscathed. I am now worried about Villenvue and Dune. I’m even worried about Cleopatra, a sentence I never expected to type, except in some bizarre out-of-context way. But I think that everyone in Hollywood must realize that BR is a beautiful film made by a talented guy, and that it simply had baggage. I really hope.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I dont think it hurts either of them. Bith Sicario and Arrival got awards buzz and BR may as well. They know the problem wasnt the director. Seeing what he did with BR convinces me more than ever he’s the only one who can do Dune

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Alfonso Cuaron. Guillermo Del Toro, as long as he’s in his subdued mode, and not his blockbuster mode. I could even see Terry Gilliam doing an incredible Dune, though no one would give him the budget. But Villenvue is the best choice, and the man of the hour. Fingers crossed.

        If BR does not get nominated for best picture, time to give up on the genre. No, wait. Time to give up on the oscars. Is what I meant. You will want to crucify me for this, but the first one deserved a nod. Not a win, but short of that it should have been recognized.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I already gave up on them. I won’t even watch them anymore. I don’t begrudge the first one recognition but they would never nominate two in a year and ET already got the rare nod but lost of course to Gandhi


      3. I’m beginning to suspect that Gahndi never existed. In my whole life I never met anyone other than myself who has actual memories of seeing it. I think the memories were implanted by a shrink I went to once as a kid.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Its an interminable film with an outstanding performance though given how they were treated having Gandhi played by an Englishman is like having a Native American played by…..hey so humid here today.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I will admit it’s more defensible than Shakespeare in Love beating Saving Private Ryan or Kramer vs Kramer beating apocalypse now. There is literallly no year in the history of film when either SIL or KVK would have been the best movie of the year. And no one watches those movies today.

        Liked by 1 person

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