Sabine Wren in Star Wars: Rebels

POLL RESULT: Favorite Character from Star Wars: Rebels Is…

The Killing Time Community has spoken, and our favorite character from Star Wars: Rebels is everyone’s favorite explosive-obsessed Mandalorian: Sabine Wren.  Voting was neck and neck with Sabine, and the show’s two Jedi: Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger (who finished in a tie for second place) the whole month.  Tying for fifth were the two Rebels we know for sure will survive the show’s final season (as they both have cameos in Rogue One): Captain Hera Syndulla and Chopper.

Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger in Star Wars: Rebels

Grand Admiral Thrawn was the only villain originating from the show to get any votes.  Its proximity to A New Hope has allowed the show to use classic villains like Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, and-of course-Darth Maul.  Sabine’s win continues a trend of awesome, well-written female characters that have emerged during Disney’s stewardship of Star Wars, and the galaxy far, far away is far better for it.

The fourth and final season of Star Wars: Rebels can be seen on Disney XD.  Thanks for voting, and we’ll have a new poll up in a bit.
Ezra Bridger in Star Wars: Rebels

6 thoughts on “POLL RESULT: Favorite Character from Star Wars: Rebels Is…”

  1. I guess I just wonder about the whole “trend of awesome, well-written female characters that have emerged during Disney’s stewardship of Star Wars” which everyone is so excited to see. I mean, the original Legacy stories gave us Mara Jade Skywalker, Jaina Solo, Shada D’ukal, Iella Antilles (Wedge’s wife), Jan Ors, Tenel Ka, Mirax Terrik Horn, and so many others. Star Wars had an expanding female roster long before Disney bought the property.

    Don’t get me wrong – I like Hera and Sabine, Bo-Katan and Ahsoka, and some of the other new girls. I just don’t think Star Wars ever lacked for strong female leads before the Disney timeline was established. The fact that so many people think the franchise DIDN’T have enough girls is puzzling to me.

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    1. They did in the movies. You’re absolutely right that the EU gave us a ton of cool female characters, but the films outside of Leia? Padme wasn’t exactly much of anything, and Mon Mothma has like 4 minutes of screen time. The difference with Disney is those characters are making a difference in the animated shows and in the films and we’re getting no shortage of awesome male characters too. The EU was great and those of us who read every novel and comic knew about those characters, but the public at large didn’t. To them, SW is the movies; the bigger world is largely for the die hards. So it’s great to see them lead three of the first four films and it really not be a thing because all the new characters have been so stellar (I’m really hoping Solo doesn’t change the trend).


      1. I see your point, and this raises another question: Why did Disney reset the Star Wars universe to zero and start almost from the ground up again? I think, if they had tweaked the EU timeline, the new trilogy could have revolved around Jaina, Anakin, and Ben Skywalker fighting Jacen, who had gone to the Dar Side. Daisy Ridley would’ve made a great Jaina Solo, Adam Driver could have been cast as Jacen, and John Boyega could still have been Finn. If they had gone this way we would still have gotten the Rebels tv series AND we would have gotten to keep most of the EU.

        That’s just something I’ve wondered since they announced the new timeline. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it would have prevented a lot of the fan outrage they’ve had to deal with since. (No billboards shouting “Bring back Legends!”, for instance, if they’d gone this route.)

        Thanks for the chat – you’ve cleared several things up for me here!

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      2. Like you, when they threw out the EU, I was at first miffed, but from a storytelling standpoint, they had to. The books were already past where the sequel trilogy is, and the comics took it a few hundred years futher and tens of thousands of years backward. You would absolutely be hamstringing storytellers to have them adhere to this massive canon that had developed from when Zahn’s first novel came out in 1991 (ish). There’s just no way to write around all of that and have the freedom to tell new stories. That doesn’t make them not Star Wars stories. They still exist. They’re still great, but I’d rather get more movies, and doing that while adhering to the EU was going to be impossible. The fanbase was so splintered after the prequels that they needed to go back to basics and heal that rift; get everyone onboard at page one with what makes SW work and that’s what TFA did so amazingly well. Now all the novels, video games, comics, and shows ARE canon and work in concert with telling the stories in the films, but you had to knock the EU flat to do that. What I do like is that they are cherry picking things from what are now the Legacy stories, like Thrawn, and incorporating them into the new stories they are telling. Again, only the die-hards like us were reading the EU. The masses that are going to make Disney the huge bucks that will fund great new SW movies for years to come, watch only the movies and have no idea who Mara Jade or Jacen and Jaina are. And a lot of Jacen and Jaina are written into Rey and Kylo, just not in the ways we’d expect. And personally, I don’t want to know everything that happens before I walk into the films. I want them to have the freedom to do what they want without me having read all the books and comics and just watching adaptations (and really of the novels, only about 20% were high quality; it was just the only SW fix on the block). So that’s why I think they had to set all that aside and start anew. Just my two cents.


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