WKRP in Cincinnati

My Favorite Scene: WKRP in Cincinnati Season One (1978) “Turkeys Away!”

I cannot believe it took me until year five of Killing Time to feature this during Thanksgiving week.  WKRP in Cincinnati was not a great sitcom (it would qualify as one today given the lowered standards) in an age of classic sitcoms, but it was a solid show.  It does, however, have one of the all-time best Thanksgiving moments in TV history.  The country’s most inept radio station decided to hold a turkey giveaway as part of a Thanksgiving promotion and the station manager decided to jazz it up by having the turkeys dropped from a helicopter onto the waiting crowd below.  Unfortunately for the manager, the crowd, and the turkeys….he was ignorant of a simple fact he learns (read below) by the end of the episode.  Happy Thanksgiving week, readers!

WKRP in Cincinnati

11 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene: WKRP in Cincinnati Season One (1978) “Turkeys Away!””

  1. This brings back memories. It seems like yesterday that I was watching a rerun of this episode for the very first time, on a television the shape of a box. You used a dial to choose between the five stations (six if you counted public television), quickly moving the dial past the channels that were just dead air, or static. I think I’ll get up for the start of the big parade this Thanksgiving. I miss that.

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      1. I have the holiday episodes of old sitcoms etched in my memory. Like everyone else in the universe I watched way too much tv as a kid and the fact that all these themed episodes were playing during the holidays added to the impression that October, November and December revolves around thier respective big days. Then I grew up, and this past Halloween, I woke up in the morning and forgot it was Halloween for most of the day. The next step in the aging process will be forgetting what day it is on virtually every day, then what year it is, and then, later, my identity. At least old age won’t come for a very long time. That’s what they tell you, at any rate, but they leave out the part where it FEELS like a millisecond.

        Sorry. Thanksgiving rocks and so does this episode and this show.

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      1. Best on TV, but still not great. Art is not to be graded on a curve depending on its era. Judge all art against the same high standard, and imagine the standard stretching backwards and forwards though all eternity.

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