Josh Brolin in Avengers: Infinity War

55 HD Stills from Avengers: Infinity War Trailer #1!!!!

Tom Holland in Avengers: Infinity War
After over a year of anticipation, everyone finally got to see the first full trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  Now is the time to scrutinize every frame for hidden meaning!  As you scroll down, you’ll see the Spider-Armor from Spider-Man: Homecoming, the cosmic cube Loki nicked in a blink-if-you-missed-it moment from Thor: Ragnarok, and Peter Quill with a mustache!  STACHE LORD!!!  Clearly Black Panther is going to be the perfect lead-in film for Infinity War, as it looks like a lot of the battle for Earth is going to take place in Wakanda.  Poor Vision is going to lose that forehead decoration, and SOMEBODY please get bearded Cap a shield!  I can’t wait!


7 thoughts on “55 HD Stills from Avengers: Infinity War Trailer #1!!!!”

  1. What are you post-IWII fears exactly? Because it seems to me that the MCU has expertly entered into a transitional period where fresh and interesting replacements for the old guard have been introduced, and the universe has been made larger and weirder. I cannot believe how incredibly good Black Panther looks BTW. The ball was dropped with Inhumans, which could have worked, but mostly they seem to have quite the plan, and my only concerns right now revolve around just how satisfying IW will be.

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    1. The uncertainty, mostly. I don’t think they’re planning on having Tom Holland past the Homecoming sequel, and the whole Guardians cast will turnover, but that film supposedly starts this new 20 movie arc. I don’t know they have a purpose in their arsenal that can do another arc. I don’t want them to throw away new characters and franchises to start afresh totally, but they are planning so far ahead that it’s probably just that we’ve known the entirety of phase 3 pretty much since it began and it’s gotten stronger and stronger toward the finish. Nerves of starting anew probably sum it up. Nothing definite and no real reason to doubt Feige and Marvel Studios, though their TV product is becoming a serious eyesore. I hope DD Season 3 and SHIELD season 5 can right the ship.

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      1. See, I don’t have uncertainty. Story arcs only end up lost, half-hearted, and weak when there is no plan, when a huge surprise success happens, and a franchise suddenly needs to go on, and no one planned for that eventuality. The days of that kind of thing happening are numbered. It’s not going to happen at Disney, of that I am certain. If they have 20 more films planned out like I hear, they have a strong enough idea for the arc. It might even be stronger than the current one. And I am heartened by the way the recently introduced characters are turning out. Disney is not trying to transform them into clones of the early MCU characters, the newer ones have been given the freedom to be themselves. And Doctor Strange hasn’t even begun to get interesting yet. Black Panther stole Civil War despite barely being in it, and I think he is going to be like a rock moving forward. Regardless of who is about to step down or die, we are about to move into Phase Four with a REALLY strong cast of characters, and a fascinating collection of milieus.

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