Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in Beauty and the Beast

Top 10: Trailers for 2017 Movies

X-23, Dafne Keen, Logan, Wolverine, Hugh Jackman
A great trailer is designed to do one thing: get you back to see the feature.  However, trailers are also an art form unto themselves.  The best ones use music, imagery, mystery, and intrigue to set the stage for the film they’re promoting.  There were some great trailers for the films of 2017, many of which did not live up to the trailers that preceded them.  That doesn’t mean those trailers aren’t worthy of recognition, though.  As we wrap up 2017 (good riddance), it’s time for the deluge of TOP 10 lists.  Here are the ten best trailers for movies released in 2017.

1. Beauty and the Beast Trailer #1 (MARCH)

2. Logan Trailer #1 (MARCH)

3. Kong: Skull Island Trailer #1 (MARCH)

4. Star Wars Episode VII: The Last Jedi Trailer #2 (DECEMBER)

5. Dunkirk Trailer #1 (JULY)

6. The Greatest Showman Trailer #1 (DECEMBER)

7. The LEGO Batman Movie Trailer #2 (FEBRUARY)

8. Thor: Ragnarok Trailer #2 (NOVEMBER)

9, Blade Runner 2049 Trailer #2 (OCTOBER)

10. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Trailer #1 (DECEMBER)

4 thoughts on “Top 10: Trailers for 2017 Movies”

  1. The trailers that made me most excited in 2017 were Batman Lego Movie and Thor Ragnarok. Thor had my eye because of his new look and Lego Batman movie was itself a fascination.

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    1. The LEGO Batman trailers were all brilliant and ended up being much better than the actual film, and Ragnarok’s were also brilliant. You knew you were walking into the theater for a completely different Thor movie. Thanks for commenting!

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