Movie Review: Darkest Hour (2017) “We Shall Never Surrender”

Gary Oldman in Darkest Hour
Gary Oldman’s performance as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour has been hailed for months as the best of his career.  He’s been all but assured of his first Oscar (though now that Daniel Day-Lewis is retiring, who knows?).  Is the performance as good as the hype?  Yes.  Oldman disappears into the dogged British Prime Minister and is riveting to watch.  Unfortunately, similar to Denzel Washington’s excellent performance in Roman J. Israel Esq. this is a case where the performance is much better than the movie in which it takes place. Continue reading Movie Review: Darkest Hour (2017) “We Shall Never Surrender”

No Formal “In Theaters” Column This Weekend – 12/29/2017

Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg in All the Money in the World
There are no new, wide releases on the final weekend of 2017.  I did neglect to include three films in the 11 movies the opened around the Christmas weekend.  Molly’s Game (written and directed by The West Wing’s Aaron Sorkin), All the Money in the World (directed by Ridley Scott), and The Phantom Thread (Daniel Day-Lewis’s final movie) all opened on Christmas Day, and I have placed their trailers below.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi repeated at the box office, but with 11 new competitors and mixed fan reaction, it’s total barely stayed in triple digits at $101 million (though that number is in contention; some have it at $99 million).  This was enough to make Episode VII already #3 in 2017 domestic box office and it will pass Wonder Woman for #2 this weekend.  Internationally, the film has made $815 million, and will likely move from #10 to #4 for the year by weekend’s end.  We’re one weekend away from a 47-5 record for the year and a 90% prediction rate so I’m staying with The Last Jedi for at least one more week, but this weekend will be where we see just how the split in the fan base affects the box office.