Star Wars: The Last Jedi

POLL RESULTS: Star Wars The Last Jedi’s Community Rating

The Last Jedi has been an extremely polarizing film among Star Wars fans despite its huge success at the box office, and that polarization was reflected in the Killing Time community’s rating of Episode VIII.  While the #1 response was a 10, the #2 response was a 1.  Every number got votes, and the ranges were so wild, that I thought it might be more instructive to break out….math.  We’ve run polls after each Disney Star Wars film giving the KT community a chance to offer their rating on each.  I went back into the archives, and instead of percentages, I calculated the weighted average for each film.  Here’s what I found:
Star Wars: The Last Jedi6.197
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story8.614
Star Wars: The Force Awakens7.585

My review of Episode VIII was very mixed, but not too far off in score from the community average.  I have spent a month mulling over Episode VIII.  I have to say I feel less charitable toward the film the more I think about the ramifications for the Saga going forward.  Star Wars fans nitpick.  We do.  But The Last Jedi has huge problems just as a film in terms of pacing, and while technically near-perfect, the impact that Rian Johnson’s choices have for the future of the franchise are deeply unsettling, as are the number of inexplicable plot holes that riddle the film.  If I didn’t know Johnson was such a fan, I would think he hadn’t seen a Star Wars film before, because there are things in this film that just are NOT Star Wars.  But it also has brilliant moments.  It’s a maddening film, and-to be honest-I’ve not gone through it as much as I would normally because it’s so frustrating to me.  I don’t know what it’s legacy will be, but in terms of ranking it, I’d only put it ahead of Episode I & II.

The next poll will be our biggest of the year: our SIXTH annual reader’s choice for Best Film of the Year (which has been won the last two years by Star Wars films).


7 thoughts on “POLL RESULTS: Star Wars The Last Jedi’s Community Rating”

  1. While I fully agree with the pacing issues, the more I think about it, the more I actually love what they did in terms of propelling the saga forward and I’m super excited to see where Ep. IX goes. It’s legacy won’t be known for quite a while though so if the Ep. IX fumbles it then my enjoyment of this could drastically change.

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    1. My problem there is JJ Abrams doesn’t do sequels well. He’s only done one and Star Trek: Into Darkness was….misguided at best. I can’t envision a scenario in which that movie makes this one much better for me. Hope I’m wrong.

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      1. I mean, technically he’s done two, Mission Impossible III is a sequel (my favorite MI at that too), but those movies are mostly standalone. That said, for me at least, his filmography doesn’t contain enough one way or the other to really scare me on his helming IX. I’m honestly more scared for Solo as Disney’s radio silence on it (with just four months until release) is giving me bad vibes.

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      2. Well yes and no. Mission Impossible, Star Trek and Star Wars were all dead film franchises when JJ came in and his specialty is taking something, infusing it with a new spin and new energy and then handing it off. Even his TV shows, he’s only around for the pilot or first season at most. Yes, it was the third MI film, but it had nothing to do with the previous two. Yes it was the 11th Star Trek film, but it was a brilliant reboot. Yes it was the 7th Star Wars film, but also, mostly brand new territory. It’s what he shines at doing, but closing out this trilogy in a way that regains the feeling we had coming out of TFA is going to be the challenge of his career.


  2. The things that were not SW, Johnson knew were not SW. Because he is not lying about his passion. I don’t know what is inside anyone’s head. But I suspect he thought he was giving new life to SW. Because maybe, just maybe, after all these movies, Disney was worried the SW formula was going to get stale soon and ruin thier twenty film design, and better to nip the problem in the bud with a soft reboot, however weirdly positioned in the saga, than wait until the staleness hit with a stale movie. I don’t know if it would have. And there were all sorts of ways of making SW feel different. I was expecting TLJ to feel different. Everyone said it would. In a major way. I was unprepared for how.

    Disney does not care about you and me. They think we are old. They are courting new fans, a broader fan base, not the fans who built the damn franchise with our love. But Johnson does care. Beautiful lunkheaded Johnson was having fun, and thought we would, too. Disney is an evil corporation from Rollerball, but as long as they continue to hire filmmakers who are into SW, the bad films will remain aberrations, not systemic homogenized mediocrity.

    TLJ went off the rails for understandable reasons. And I don’t see a reproducible formula in the finished product. I continue to contend that it is the weirdest, most idiosyncratic SW movie. Yes, it’s creul, I actually felt like my childhood enthusiasm for the entire film medium had been reawakened there for a couple of years. That’s how much I was loving Disney’s SW. It’s going to be crueler if Solo bombs and the legacy of SW becomes public indifference. I don’t want to go around clinging to a shadow no one cares about anymore. If I lose SW, I lose something that has served as a through line for my entire life. There have been many other through lines, I am not THAT pathetic, but SW has always been there. I’ve stopped paying attention to movies for the past few weeks. Had no idea The Post was a hit. Way to go Steve. I wish you had directed TPM, because if the prequels had lived up to thier promise, nothing would be the same today.

    I’ll wait though before I let myself get emotional. See where the Falcon takes the last members of the resistance. See broom boy sign up. Wait for the numbered episodes to end, as they always needed to. There is no film franchise that goes perfectly. SW itself survived Jar Jar holding his nose. Hell, SW survived Jar Jar.


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