Christopher Nolan

Top 10: Christopher Nolan Movie Moments

Christopher Nolan is, to my mind, the best director working today, and the best of this generation.  I’ve written before about the power of his ending scenes, but today WatchMojo has put together a pretty solid pre-Dunkirk list of the best scenes from Nolan’s first nine films.  There’s no word yet on what the next project from the genius will be, but most directors go through their whole careers without putting together a series of moments that Nolan has in his first 10 features.  What’s criminal is that he’s never even been nominated for a Best Director Oscar, something that hopefully the Academy rectifies when nominations are announced for the 2018 Oscars tomorrow morning.Christian Bale and Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight

6 thoughts on “Top 10: Christopher Nolan Movie Moments”

  1. A Nolan at the top of his game, making a movie not in the fantasy realm, is a Nolan with an Oscar, plain and simple. If not, who is this Oscar person you speak of?


  2. Tomorrow morning,eh? … well, this is going to be interesting. 🙂

    Finally got to see TLJ yesterday … I LOVED IT!!! I can certainly see why … ahem, ‘certain’ snowflakes were a little twisty about it … … two years to wait and see what JJ does with it.

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      1. Addendum for clarification … for me, the ‘snowflake’ syndrome is about fanboys (almost always boys) who get their knickers in a knot when their expectations (dictated by a narcissistic self-absorption, self-entitlement) aren’t met by the object of their desire/obsession.
        In the short time I’ve known you this has never been a definition I would ever use to describe how you dissect, deconstruct, and enthusiastically rave about what you are passionate about.

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