Super Bowl 52 Patriots vs. Eagles

All Super Bowl 52 Movie Trailers!!!

The Super Bowl has become, over the last decade, increasingly a debut showcase for new movie teasers/trailers, and last night was no exception.  Whether you’re mourning the Patriots inability to tie the Steelers as the greatest franchise in NFL history or celebrating the Eagles finally winning the big one, you got to see some trailers last night.  Here they all are in one 7-11 sized big gulp with my knee-jerk reactions.
1. Solo: A Star Wars Story – see here for thoughts on full trailer; liked this better
2. Mission: Impossible – Fallout – see here for full trailer thoughts
3. Avengers: Infinity War – continues to look like the movie of the year
4. Skyscraper – I do not ever immediately dismiss Dwayne Johnson….immediately
5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – this does not look good
6. The Cloverfield Paradox – maaaan, now I have to renew Netflix
7. A Quiet Place – kind of intrigued; could go either way
8. Red Sparrow – still think this is a Black Widow ripoff, but I’m in
9. Annihilation – Alex Garland? I’m there.  Day one.
10. Westworld Season 2 – BRING THIS ON!!!!!  Best trailer of the night!
11. Krypton Season 1 – Really want to see this; DC on TV has been pretty stellar
12. Benji – Really?
13. Dundee: Son of a Legend – Really?  Really?
Donald Glover in Solo: A Star Wars Story

12 thoughts on “All Super Bowl 52 Movie Trailers!!!”

  1. So I was at a super bowl party, and with little interest in sports (though it was a great game) my attention went to these spots, as always. No one but me had any interest in Solo, and I had to spend time convincing someone that the Crocodile Dundee reboot spot was not a joke. No fooling.

    A Quiet Place is an amazingly good idea for a horror film that I cannot believe I have never seen anywhere before, because now that I know it, it seems so obvious, like it should be a cliche. Krypton has potential, but would have pulled its weight more at the beginning of the cinematic universe, as a movie, or even a trilogy. The new Jurassic World does look troubling. And as good as Infinity World looks, remember what a sure thing Last Jedi was, and that movie had its job gift wrapped for it, nearly, with a bow. The strands that need to be tied together in the next wo Avengers installments are many. I am not predicting failure, not in the slightest, just preaching caution.

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    1. The difference with IW is that it’s been worked on as a conclusion for at least four or five years now with films building to it. I’m not worried. Jurassic World confirmed my fears after JW that they were going to just abandon dinos and start making Dr. Wu’s monster hybrids. A Quiet Place is a great idea and if they can execute, I’m in. Krypton is not part of the DCEU and more’s the better for it. Means it might be good. The Dundee thing is AWFUL. MI6 looked ok, not really remarkable. Westworld season 2 was probably the best trailer of the lot.

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      1. We worshipped Rian Johnson, and had every reason to do so, early reactions were ecstatic, Disney was so happy they decided to give Johnson a new trilogy of his own, we were promised the biggest twist in the history of the franchise, Leia was going to get a send off for the ages, Luke was back after 30 years, the critics were orgasmic, and if we were lucky we would not have to wait until episode 9 to find out who Snoke was and where he came from.

        Nothing is a sure thing Dave. A little worry is always a good thibg.


      2. Sorry did not mean for that to sound so pointed. I just don’t want to see you too disappointed again. I don’t want to be dissapointed myself.


    1. Having lowered expectations helps me get through life. To me it’s a plus because it makes the great movies greater when they arrive. Others might say I was denying myself the joy of waiting for the movies.

      There is no perfect streak, nothing lasts forever, Pixar stumbled way before 18 films, Infinity War is a perfect storm for a stumble, though obviously not an outright disaster, not with this much riding on it. But it very much could be a profoundly unsatisfying film. I was just throwing the possibility out there. I’m trying to gird myself against a dissapoitment as much as you, because this is starting to get old, with all the hype turning out to be hollow, time and time again.

      To paraphrase Forrest Gump, that’s all i’m going to say about this.


    2. Except to apologize for being such a bringdown today. Sorry, it wasn’t my intent. I need to watch some Fraggle Rock (or as I call it TV Prozac) or something. Life is hard, but we solider on.


  2. Solo – Meh.
    M.I. – Cruise Controlled.
    Avengers I.W. – Gunfight at the OK Corral In Space!!! Yeehah!
    Skyscraper – Die Rock Harder While Standing One One Foot Which Bruce Never Did, So There! Plus It’s On Fire Too.
    Fallen Dinosaurs – Chris saves the Dino’s Too.
    Cloverfield – Might just inspire me to catch up on the movies.
    A Quiet Place – Shhhhhh, nope, not ever.
    Red Sonja … erm … Jennifer … pass … no-one can top the Nuclear Blondie unless it’s our very own Nat.
    Angelina Croft Wannabe reboot/retelling/origin/story – maybe.
    Annihilation – This is gonna be good! 😀
    Westworld – also inspired to catch up with Season 1.
    Krypton – I’m calling it now, this is not going to end well for the Kryptonians.
    Benji – I’ll see your ‘Really’ and raise you a ‘WTF Noooo!’ … OK maybe the tiny humans will watch it.
    Dundee – Only in Australia, please.

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    1. We are all brothers and sisters, even those of us in Australia. No one, anywhere, deserves to be subjected to Dundee. The Beni spot I somehow missed. I’m assuming this is the dog they’re rebooting again? Note to the stewards of Benji and Dundee: Name recognition is not the same thing as popularity.

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  3. Dave, at the super bowl party I attended, someone had the frigging sound turned down during the Dundee spot, and in my disdain I only had one eye pointed at it anyway. I did not realize the whole frigging thing was an elaborate prank. I felt a momentary sense of relief when I found out just now, but then I read that Chris Hemsworth says that he is open to staring in a Cricodile Dundee reboot for real.

    Do you see what is happening here? This was no practical joke. This was a mirror held up to the void.

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    1. Well at this point in his non-MCU career Hemsworth should be getting a little desperate, because no one has found a way to make him work.


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