Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3

My Favorite Scene: Iron Man 3 (2013) “Air Force One Rescue”

Through 17 films, I would only count one MCU film as a disappointment (though some are certainly better than others) and that’s Iron Man 3.  The only thing that has kept me from loathing the film more than I do was the Marvel One-Shot (I really miss those) that they did “All Hail the King” in which they fixed the film’s biggest blunder: making The Mandarin, Iron Man’s only good villain, into a complete joke.

Aside from The Mandarin debacle, Iron Man 3’s main problem is that it butchers Warren Ellis’ classic Extremis storyline, doesn’t do anything to advance Tony’s character other than blow up all his stuff, which he starts rebuilding before the credits finish, and the film generally stands outside of the MCU’s storyline.  That’s fine for a lot of films, but Iron Man has been the backbone of the MCU since he started it, and to waste his last solo film was unforgivable.

There are two things about IM3 that are good enough that the film ekes out a positive rating (post-All Hail the King): Tony & Harley and the plane rescue sequence.  I honestly could’ve done with a whole film of just Tony and that kid hanging out in Tennessee, but the film’s best sequence is a mid-air rescue of 13 free falling passengers after Air Force One is compromised.  It’s an amazing F/X sequence, a great use of JARVIS, and some very creative problem solving by Tony.  Would that the rest of the film had lived up to it.

Iron Man 3

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene: Iron Man 3 (2013) “Air Force One Rescue””

  1. Pre Trevor, the Manderan is the MCU’s best villain BY A MILE. I think that is why it hurt so many people so much. I remember not wanting to get up lest I miss a scene with Sir Kingsley in it.


  2. Still trying to figure out the point too. If they were worried about racist overtones, they had already eliminated those beautifully with the version of the character we were all taking at face value. Maybe it was all a sign that the MCU never had a villain “problem” exactly. Maybe, for some reason, there was always a conscious or semi-conscious creative choice going on, to undermine the bad guys. I don’t know why. But even Loki is a straw man some of the time. It’s like they’re afraid that the villains will overshadow the heroes. So they waste Hugo Weaving.

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      1. That’s about the size of it.

        You know what I just realized? Snoke is the Mandarin! Cool , hyped villain with a serious screen presence, inexplicably taken away from us for the sake of an anticlimactic twist midway through a movie. With no other villain left who is capable of filling his shoes. This is a baaaaad playbook Disney is working from.

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  3. Looking forward to all 2018 blockbuster films. I think Hollywood is going to step their game up this year. In the case of action, stunts and special effects. 2018 movies season has just begun and there are a lot of highly anticipated films fans can’t wait for…

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