Donald Glover and Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Homecoming

My Favorite Scene: Spider-Man: Homecoming “A Poor Interrogation” (2017)

Spider-Man: Homecoming got so many things right about the character of Peter Parker that the Raimi and Webb films flubbed, but I think the thing I like the best about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is….he’s not very good.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s enormously powerful, smart, and talented.  Everyone can see it….however, he’s also just a high school sophomore and, by definition, kind of an idiot.  There are two scenes that highlight Peter’s youth in the film in different ways.

My favorite is easily his attempt at a Batman-esque interrogation of The Prowler (Donald Glover).  Badly utilizing his suit’s vocal scrambling, he spectacularly fails to impress Glover (who if we want to get super-geeky and project down the line a long ways, is the uncle of the Marvel Universe’s other Spider-Man: Miles Morales).

Downey Jr. and Holland have a fantastic dynamic as Tony Stark and Peter Parker, and 10 years into the MCU, you can have scenes like this one.  Where we’ve seen Tony make questionable choice after questionable choice and in this kid he sees himself, but with the chance to do what he wanted to achieve with Iron Man sans his personal baggage.  There is no more wisdom that Stark could distill from what lessons he’s learned when he snaps at Peter, “If you can’t do this without the suit, then you shouldn’t be doing it at all!”

14 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene: Spider-Man: Homecoming “A Poor Interrogation” (2017)”

  1. I’m liking this film much more than a lot of the Spider-Man films as you stated a lot of reasons into what they got right that the other films didn’t do. Plus, there is that youthfulness in Peter Parker that just radiates while knowing he’s kind of new at what he is doing.

    I love that moment between Parker and Tony Stark where you see the latter acting like a grown up for the very first time and is almost taken aback by the fact that he’s starting to act like his father. That line “if you’re nothing without the suit, then you shouldn’t have it” definitely is a major turning point for Parker. Even in that scene where he’s under the rubble as it’s definitely lifted from the comic book and they do it right as it play into who Parker has to be as Spider-Man. I’m eager for a sequel as long as it’s under the supervision of the MCU. Plus, I think Tom Holland feels much more right as Parker/Spider-Man as he just has that energy that is needed to play that character.

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    1. The sequel will be the first film of “Phase 4” and is the last film of Tom Holland’s contract, so the battle with Sony will come after that film, but the sequel is under MCU control. The plan was to have three films; one focusing on each year of high school to begin with, but as so many of the original cast are going to turn over after IW, they’re going to need Spider-Man, so I hope they can extend this thing with Sony long after the sequel, because Holland IS Spider-Man.


      1. I wouldn’t mind having Holland for 2 more Spider-Man films and maybe return as Peter Parker in being a mentor to Miles Morales if they ever decide to do a Spider-Man movie with Morales as Spider-Man.

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      2. Sony has not given Marvel permission to use Morales and an animated film starring him comes out at Christmas. This scene hints at Morales’ existence in the MCU. I think, if Sony doesn’t muck it up, Holland should make as many films as possible before passing the torch to Morales or having both, which is the status quo in the comics. But having a built-in successor to a FINALLY perfectly cast pillar of their future is something that a franchise that plans 10 years in advance shouldn’t rush.


      3. I do think Sony should give up the rights to Spider-Man to Marvel but retain certain things so they can at least both make money.

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  2. He really got the squeaky dorky thing down pat in this scene … a favourite of mine too.

    When the promo’s started being released for this, I was worried it would be the Iron Man and Spiderman show, but they really got the Stark/Spidey balance perfect.

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    1. Glover is always awesome, and the only thing I am sure about Solo is that he will OWN Lando. Glover’s Atlanta is good, and he stole The Martian, but Community, where he broke out, is still my favorite thing of his.

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      1. I’ve never gotten round to seeing Community (too many films to catch up with as it is). He has a cool presence, though. I’ll look forward to seeing what he does with Calrissian. That said, I’m not particularly enthused about Solo. The idea of doing a young version of an iconic character seems like an unnecessary risk for the Star Wars. So many stories that can be told in that universe, without potentially tarnishing something treasured by many.

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