Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo in Thor: Ragnarok

Top 10: Best MCU Fights

Hard as it is to believe, preview night viewers will be watching Avengers: Infinity War in just 22 days.  What began with Iron Man in 2008 and has continued through Black Panther earlier this year, is an interconnected 18-film tapestry that has introduced the Marvel Universe to the entire world and created a host of indelible moments.  Some of the best have been the fights (these are comic book films after all) and WatchMojo has put together a list of their 10 best.

The best fights have either been the ones that were deeply personal (Tony, Cap, and Bucky in Civil War or Cap and Bucky in Winter Solider) or were just flat-out battles your inner nerdgeekdork wanted to see (Thor and Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok).  The villains in MCU films are rarely the point, but this list was published before Black Panther was released, and I wonder if the Panther/Killmonger fight would have made the list if they had to do it over.  WM also considered the MCU’s TV entries and, as no surprise, there’s an iconic fight from each season of Daredevil that justly makes the list.  It’s rare in the MCU that the heroes fighting each other isn’t more interesting than a villain showdown.  I doubt that’s going to be the case when the entire MCU comes for Thanos and his Black Order, but we’ve only got to wait 3 weeks to find out.  So were there any glaring throwdown omissions for you on WM’s list?
Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. in Captain America: Civil War

3 thoughts on “Top 10: Best MCU Fights”

    1. I wish they’d broken their rule though, because the airport throwdown from CW really belongs on the list too. But, for pure emotion, that’s going to be very hard to top. I think Black Panther is the best standalone movie of the bunch, but for the best pivot point in the 18 films, Civil War is pretty tough to top.

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  1. The airport fight was too much of a virtuoso filmmaking moment to be left off a list like this for the sake of a rule. The Black Widow fight was the best IM2 scene by far. Blew me away, made me fall in love with SJ’s BW. And then don’t even talk to me about that elevator scene. I just wish it hadn’t been spoiled ahead of time. Marketers! When a scene is that weirdly specific, when it isn’t representative of the larger film, what is the point of showing it beforehand? I mean, I obviously know what the point is, but there are other ways of creating interest when a movie is as good as CW.

    BP might be the best MCU film, Killmonger might be the best MCU villain, but somehow that final showdown would not have not belonged on this list. It wasn’t bad, or even underwhelming, but the power of the film did not lie there.

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