Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg’s 10 Best Movies

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg began his career as frontman for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and is now one of Hollywood’s most reliable actors. Wahlberg’s career is a mix of projects I find unbelievably irritating (Entourage, Boogie Nights, Transformers) and projects where he has a strong director to bring out his impressive acting talents, both comedic and dramatic. No one does this better than Peter Berg, with whom Wahlberg has teamed to make three incredible films documenting real-life tragedies in Lone Survivor, Patriots Day, and Deepwater Horizon. Scorcese and Russell have worked well with him, but Berg seems to have the best handle on how to reach past Wahlberg’s “Marky Mark” past and find an everyday guy who can rise to extraordinary circumstances. If Wahlberg sticks with Berg, the two of them, can have an extraordinary, career-defining partnership.

Mark Wahlberg in Patriots Day

Mark Wahlberg’s 10 Best Movies
1. Patriots Day (2016) Tommy Saunders
2. Deepwater Horizon (2016) Mike Williams
3. Lone Survivor (2013) Marcus Luttrell
4. The Departed (2006) Dignam
5. The Fighter (2010) Micky Ward
6. The Italian Job (2003) Charlie Croker
7. The Other Guys (2010) Charlie Hoitz
8. All the Money in the World (2017) Fletcher Chase
9. The Lovely Bones (2009) Jack Salmon
10. Three Kings (1999) Troy Barlow
Honorable Mention: Invincible (2006) Vince Papale

Mark Wahlberg in Deepwater Horizon

Oscars, Golden Globes & Emmys

Oscar Wins (0): None

Oscar Nominations (2): The Departed (2007), The Fighter (2011-Producer)

Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon in The Departed

Golden Globe Wins (0): None

Golden Globe Nominations (2): The Departed (2007), The Fighter (2011)

Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale in The Fighter

Emmy Wins (0): None

Emmy Nominations (7): Entourage (2007-2009, Producer), Boardwalk Empire (2011-2012, Producer), The Wuhlburgers (2014-2015, Producer)

Mark Wahlberg in Lone Survivor

My Favorite Wahlberg Scene:
“Tommy’s Speech” from Patriots Day (2016)

Next Film: Wahlberg will be teaming with Peter Berg for the fourth time, this time for their first fictional tale. Mile 22 will open in August 2018.


14 thoughts on “Mark Wahlberg’s 10 Best Movies”

  1. When he stepped out into view with the gun at the end of The Departed, how satisfying was that? One of my all time favorite movie moments.

    I won’t pretend he’s one of my favorite actors, but he’s unfairly maligned. He’s got acting chops. He’s also great in undemanding flicks like The Shooter. He’s got a kind of intense charisma, and he’s great even when he just has to hit the right marks (hahaha).

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    1. Like I said, he needs a strong director and he’s had to win me over, but the films he’s done with Berg have been magnificent. I actually think Donnie Wahlberg has more natural acting talent.

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      1. I always thought that for some reason, Tim Burton actually wanted Wahlberg to have the affect of a brick in that POTA movie. I’m not joking. Don’t ask me what the reason might be. Have you ever listened to a Tim Burton director’s commentary? There are stretches where you do not know what the hell he is talking about, where he is mystifyingly inarticulate. It’s amazing that the job he’s mastered is predicated on being a communicator.

        Is All The Money in the World worth my money? I avoided it in the theater because the subject matter held no interest for me, and I’m not a big enough fan of Wahlberg, or Plummer, or, 95% of the time, Ridley Scott, to overcome the enthusiasm gap. But I’ll see it if you say it’s worthy.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sorry, I’m not having the greatest of days, and that comment sounded like I just cut down both Tim Burton and Mark Wahlberg. I might be in a position to do that, if I were a writer-director wunderkind. But as it stands, no.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I loved it, especially the first half, it had all the usual virtues of a Tim Burton movie, but it was following in the footsteps of Charleston Heston, and Burton obviously did not care.

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      4. Having just rewatched War, the new trilogy makes the Burton film look even more misguided in retrospect. Andy Serkis is a miracle.

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      5. Comparing the INCREDIBLE new trilogy with the INCREDIBLE Serkis to Burton’s film is apples and oranges, but this is actually one t I never argue about, because Burton’s film never should have been made. It’s just that the tone is so peculiar, and the actors have so much fun playing the apes, that it draws me in. I love that surreal ending too. I don’t know how they planned to make the franchise go on, after Burton. I don’t beleive anyone was paying attention to what Burton was doing while he was filming.

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