Site Note: Broken Links

Killing Time

Hey, gang.  Just a quick note asking you to help me help you.  I use a lot of video in my posts.  Anyone who is familiar with YouTube knows that video links over time tend to vanish.  I have written over 3,700 posts for KT since we started back in January 2013, so I have absolutely no clue if some YouTube clip I embedded within the last five years or not is broken unless I happen to run across it (as I did today in an old post on Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory) or someone tells me.  If you comment on a post, I get notified, and I do read them all.  You’d be doing me a favor by telling me if you run across a broken link, expired YouTube clip, or something that just looks weird.  I can usually fix the issue in 30 seconds, and I’d rather have everything look up to par.  You won’t be hurting my feelings if you tell me something’s gone sideways.

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