The Grand Inquisitor from Star Wars: Rebels Season One

My Favorite Scene: Star Wars Rebels Season One (2015) “Kanan & Ezra vs. The Grand Inquisitor”

Star Wars: Rebels is over now.  The fourth and final season of the animated series aired earlier this year, and Dave Filoni & Co. are moving on to tell the stories leading up to the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in their next series – Star Wars: Resistance.  Rebels continued the excellence begun in The Clone Wars, and the two series were largely responsible for keeping Star Wars fandom alive in the period in-between Episodes III and VII.

One of the best innovations Rebels brought to Star Wars canon was the introduction of the Inquisitors into the lore of the Empire.  While Darth Vader spearheaded the destruction of the Jedi, it was always a little far-fetched that even Vader could have wiped out the remnants of the Order with no help.  The Inquisitors were Vader’s hand in dealing with threats to the Sith monopoly on Force dominance.  The Grand Inquisitor (voiced by Jason Isaacs) was a great first “big bad” for the series, and his final showdown with Kanan and Ezra is another stellar lightsaber duel to add to the highlight reel from Filoni’s time as Star Wars Animation Czar.Star Wars: Rebels Season One

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene: Star Wars Rebels Season One (2015) “Kanan & Ezra vs. The Grand Inquisitor””

  1. Solo is doing so poorly. This is a bummer man, it’s a bummer. Who would ever have thought that SW would be laid so low? Disney might need to rethink. They might need to start treating SW like a mere franchise, not a shared universe. One film every two years, tops. Make SW into an event again.

    I wish Ep 9 was going to be the grand finale to the Skywalker saga. Disney could sell it as the culmination of everything, not just a continuation of TLJ. Then they could move ON.


    1. I warned you for months how much danger this film was in. It’s not the sctual film’s fault. It’s a response to TLJ backlash, the idiot release date, the lackluster marketing, and Disney’s separate divisions slamming into each other.

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      1. Opening night of TLJ was like Christmas and Halloween rolled into one (is that a line from Close Encounters? I must be slipping, because I’m not sure). You should have seen the children, and the children at heart, playing with SW merchandise, and buying it, in the lobby of the theater. The kids going crazy with the Kylo Ren lightsabers. Everyone was stoked to the gazillianth degree.

        So many set pieces were so there. The other day you mentioned Snoke’s throne room. My god, that was incredible. The weird stark design of the chamber, Snoke manipulating Rey like a rag doll, the clash with the guards. Or the film’s version of the dark side cave. Even Canto Bight might have been cool, if there had been a reason to visit there, or it had been the setting of its own movie. (Also if the human children being kept as slaves had been prioritized over the animals.)

        If TLJ had been awesome, truly awesome, all the other issues surrounding Solo would have melted away. Solo might not have broken records, but it would have been greeted with much goodwill.

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      2. No one was dressed up at my Solo preview screening. Barely anyone even had SW t-shirts on, which for a Star Wars premiere is bizarre. I truly hope Disney doesn’t blame the film for its performance (though they likely will and we’ll never get the other two films). If anything, this should show Disney SW belongs in December if they want it to make bank, because, though May might have been its home back in the FOX days, that is just too crowded a place for another annual blockbuster to succeed to the level they’ve experienced in December. If they stick 2020’s SW film in May, they’re going to get the same result. They need to knock off trying if they’re going to keep to the annual schedule and leave them in December, because if they try this six month turnaround again after Episode IX, they’re likely going to get the same result. If they’d let Solo breathe, get some space from TLJ (whether you’re a fan of it or not, you can see the effect on the franchise in Solo) and come out in a weak fall/holiday season later this year, it would have done much better. They barely marketed the film, so they can’t be surprised at the result, even though the film is going to struggle to get to $200 million domestic at this rate.

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      3. At least, perhaps, we won’t be subjected to that Willow sequel. Willow holds a special place in my heart, but come ON Ron, get on the trolley.

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      4. One of my favorite Hollywood stories is that the dwarves were left out of the US television advertising for Time Bandits. Why? Because the film Over the Rainbow had recently come out and bombed, and the powers that be, in thier wisdom, decided that the dwarves were the reason.

        No one wants to admit thier own idiocy. They probobly don’t admit it to themselves. So they find excuses and scapegoats. It happens everywhere, but in Hollywood they’re particularly adept at the game. The wrong lessons will probobly be taken from Solo. I hope I’m wrong,


      5. I meant to say that no one wants to admit to thier idiocy IN HOLLYWOOD, that yes you will find the phenomenon everywhere but that Hollywood is a very special place. I don’t want to sound like a misenthrope.

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      6. No one ever wants to admit their idiocy. Solo is SW’s first bomb. The international numbers are even more dismal than the domestic, and it’s not going to be able to make back what they sunk into it. I imagine it also is going to have the same merchandising woes that hit TLJ, and then some. Disney is going to have to really take a look at why this went wrong, and keep the franchise in December unless they want this to keep happening. The landscape of summer is just too crowded for them to get the kind of return they see in the holidays, and SW isn’t the MCU. They can’t operate it like it is. Different models work best for different franchises, and a Star Wars film a year only works if you make it a year between installments and you’d better make every one of them good. The MCU is pretty bullet-proof through Avengers 4, but they’ve only been able to sustain their success because of the quality. The pressure to maintain that quality is going to ratchet up after this first book of the franchise closes next May, and every film had better be great. The next time they have another Iron Man 3, everyone will start screaming about the death of the comic book movie instantly.

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      7. SW could have followed the MCU model exactly if Disney had been bold. An Elmore Leonard SW film about Boba or Lando, a Laurel and Hardy or Abott and Costello style comedy misadventure featuring Artoo and Threepio, a Sergio Leone film about Obi Wan, a 1930’s gangster film about Jabba.

        As it stands, they need to cut back. A film a year is now a very bad idea, methinks.

        I looked up the stats on Ant-Man. It only made 180 mil in North America. Of course it only cost a fraction of Solo’s budget and Solo won’t do the overseas business that Ant Man did. I am not comparing the two films, just pointing out that if Disney wanted to treat SW like the MCU, they should have expected at least a few of the SW films to underwhelm at the box office. (Good reason not to treat SW like the MCU, but that is a sentiment coming from me, a lifelong SW fanatic.)

        I’ve been rewatching Ash vs Evil Dead. I don’t know if I ever mentioned my great affection for Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead universe. It’s weird, coming from someone who hates horror as much as I do. The first film is not so great, but i’m devoted to the franchise from the second film on. Ash is one of the greatest characters ever.

        In the space of a few years they resurrected Star Wars, Twin Peaks, and Ash. Probobly the three franchises I always dreamed of seeing ressurected the most. The results have been really mixed. You can’t go home again. All you can hope for are some decent new places.


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