Brad Pitt and George Clooney in Ocean's 13

My Favorite Scene: Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) “Watching Oprah”

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene: Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) “Watching Oprah””

    1. I have never seen the version with Judy Garland (weird gap in a lifetime of watching musicals) and I have never seen the remake with Streisand either, so I will be coming to the new one with no baggage (there’s now way I’m watching the old films NOW, and potentially ruining my experience with this one). The trailer makes it look like the kind of remake that makes you forget the older versions completely.

      I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga’s music, but I’m pretty sure I can discern a lot of talent in her. I’ve actually admired her theatricality for years, ever since she wore a dress made out of raw meat, and carried a meat purse. It was the meat purse that showed Lady Gaga going the extra mile. The sense of humor it showed, along with her willingness to parade her total self-awareness in front of everyone…I dug it.

      This movie is going to be Lady Gaga, free from paraphernalia, for two hours. I think this will prove whether she can cut it without the distractions.

      Didn’t realize Bradley Cooper was directing.

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      1. I paareciated her theatricality rather than her early songs, but I saw a video of her performing, ‘unplugged’, just her and a piano and was suitably impressed with the gaga pipes as well. 😀

        I like that the trailer didn’t show too much of the singing. I doubt that by the time we get to trailer #527 that’ll be the case, but for the first one out of the gate, it showed me all I needed to know to hook my attention.


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