Rob Reiner and Christopher Guest in This is Spinal Tap

Top 10: Improvised Scenes in Movie History

As wonderful as a carefully crafted script is, some of the best movie moments are simply made up on the fly.  CineFix returns with another great movie list – Top 10: Improvised Scenes in Movie History.  Some directors hate improv and some barely require a formal script.  I think erring on the side of having a Nolan-esque literary script in place is probably the prudent route, but as those are a handful a year, there’s something seriously admirable about an actor/director collaboration that just spontaneously generates magic on the spot.  While improv is most associated with comedy, a good portion of the spots on the list go to famous dramatic scenes from Apocalypse Now, Goodfellas, A Clockwork Orange, and The Breakfast Club.  Improv is a staple of comedy, and a lot of your favorite comedy moments, be they from Judd Apatow, Bill Murray, or Chris Guest, also make the list.  Rather than picking a scene for #1 though, CineFix made the very wise choice of simply sticking Robin Williams’s name up top.  If you’re going to have a list heralding lack of structure, Robin deserves to sit atop it with his whole body of work. Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting


3 thoughts on “Top 10: Improvised Scenes in Movie History”

  1. Dave… I have been coming here for years now, and you are a friend. But if, at this point, I am hurting instead of helping… if I have become an irritant, if I am adding to the malaise instead of making things more interesting… I’ll leave.

    Either way, I hope you’ll keep
    maintaining Killing Time. I know you need the creative outlet.

    Do not argue. You do.


      1. Remember BP and IW though. A case could be made that they sit at the very top of the pantheon, and we got them both in less than a year. The trend is with Ego, Vulture, Killmonger, Thanos. The trend is towards more imagination, and never-before-seen visions. I did not think the first AM was any great shakes. This sequel goes against the grain of where the MCU is headed. It is in line with AM, not the larger franchise.

        I know how hard it is to sit back and watch what is happening to film right now, because I am sitting back and watching the same thing. But right now there are still a lot of interesting small films to discover, and enough huge ones to get me out to the theater for a fix, usually. It’s the generations to come who have me truly worried.


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