Kristen Bell in The Good Place

My Favorite Scene: The Good Place Season 1 (2016) “How Your Life Is Scored”

I have rarely, if ever, been more wrong about a TV show than I was with The Good Place.  Honestly, it’s not entirely my fault.  The show’s advertising looked awful.  I couldn’t imagine how anyone was going to be able to sustain a show about the afterlife, but then I didn’t know how much of a genius Michael Shur was.  Not only did he manage to create a genius sitcom that takes place in religion-neutral Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory, but he’s written most of the episodes.  The show isn’t just funny, it’s seriously addictive.  I watched each of the first two seasons in two annual sittings.  Ted Danson is taking a victory tour as one of the best comedic actors in TV history as Michael, the architect of The Good Place.  In the show’s pilot, Michael gives an orientation to the recently deceased as to how their life’s actions have gained the entry to this elite post-death paradise.  As good as the orientation is, you need to pause and read all the hundreds of scoring criterion that pop up during his speech.  If you’re in a show hole during the summer TV doldrums, this is one you definitely need to catch up on.

The Good Place Season One

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene: The Good Place Season 1 (2016) “How Your Life Is Scored””

  1. So much tv. Sooo muuuch tv.

    I’m trying to get through the Tick right now (not hard, it is wonderful) and I am mulling over the prospect of a serious GOT binge, because I feel like I cannot move on until I get that pop culture juggernaut under my belt once and for all. I hear that the end is near… maybe I can be there in real time, with the rest of the world.

    On another note, I just had a weird conversation. Apparently the Ghost was not trying to save her own life, only to rid herself of her powers. At least, that is what the friend I just talked to said. If he is right, that means that I FORGOT THE CENTRAL VILLAIN’S MOTIVATION AND INVENTED A MORE DRAMATIC ONE, mere hours after watching the movie.


    1. Just watch GoT. Six 2 hour episodes finish it next year. AM&W is the worst MCU film. Eff. I may skip reviewing it. Sick of bashing film after film.


      1. It’s like an episode of a tv series, isn’t it? An off one. I was left with the impression that almost no effort was put into the movie, that CGI was expected to magically carry the day. What was the deal with the sequence in the school? Nothing remotley funny or suspenseful happened. Time was killed, is all.

        But again: BP. IW.


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