Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow

My Favorite Scene: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) “We’ve Never Gotten This Far”

As Tom Cruise gets ready to sprint into theaters with Mission Impossible: Fallout, it’s worth pregaming with his last really great non-MI film: 2014’s Edge of Tomorrow.  Cruise certainly has his offputting personal qualities, but you can’t say the man doesn’t show up to a film set with unrivaled energy.  The best roles he’s had blend his affinity for absurd physicality and character work.  Cruise, unlike a lot of action stars, actually can act.  He may have stopped going for Oscar-type roles, but he’s better than his recently dreary The Mummy or the Jack Reacher duology.  Edge or Tomorrow (or Live. Die. Repeat depending on which title you prefer) provides Cruise with the best time travel gimmick since Groundhog Day and a character that plays against his type.

Cruise’s character is EoT isn’t a hero, he doesn’t want to fight, and he starts out as kind of a coward.  The “Cruisian Superhero” tropes that Tom usually leans on aren’t anywhere to be found in Doug Liman’s film.  Until his character begins his time loop, there isn’t much redeemable in this character.  Once he’s trapped, though, he has to go through to get out.  Going through, however, in this case, requires a lot of dying.  There are some interesting theories on how much time Cruise actually spends trapped in his loop during the film.  He dies (resetting his loop) 16 times on-camera in Edge of Tomorrow, but the implication is that’s just a fraction of his journey.  Estimates on the IMDB boards on his time looping duration range from 100 days to 1,000 days to 10 years.  As he spends more and more time buffing out the dings in his temporal prison, he becomes more and more redeemable and the time forge ends up pounding out one of Cruise’s best and most unlikely heroes by film’s end.Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) “We’ve Never Gotten This Far””

  1. I just have to say it: Live Die Repeat and Edge of Tomorrow are both unfortunate titles.

    I am, and always will be, the biggest Tom Cruise fan in the world. He exudes charisma, and with only a few exceptions, I love the films he chooses. Jerry Macguire is one of only two romantic comedies I ever sat through both happily and willingly. I will actually stop and watch it if I happen to catch it while I’m changing channels on tv. And I actually love the first Jack Reacher. Is it art? No, it’s formulaic and trite. But it’s unbelievably fun. And Werner Herzog puts it over the top. I will be terrified of frostbite for the rest of my life.

    If Fallout is as awesome as the previous installments, MI ceases to stop having a great track record, and enters into the realm of the insane. There has never been a franchise that kept churning out quality films like this, so far into the game.


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