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Renaissance News Report

Oddly enough, things seem quiet enough today so far for a look at the news (I have NO idea why I just jinxed myself like that because NOW I’m going to get slammed with work):
* The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will allow companies to sell ads inside plastic bins. Advertising companies and airports expect to reap millions from 12-inch-by-17-inch ads glued to the bottom of security bins. The TSA would benefit from free equipment. These would be those grey bins you put your shoes in….sigh, terrorism prevention with a Big Mac ad…only in America.

* Apple CEO Steve Jobs confirmed months of speculation Tuesday by unveiling a new mobile phone that plays and downloads music and a set-top box that allows people to stream video from their computers to their televisions. Jobs said Apple’s iPhone would “reinvent” the telecommunications sector

* President Bush, in calling tonight for sending more 20,000 more troops to Iraq, will acknowledge mistakes in not sending in more forces earlier, but will also say that the new deployment is “not open-ended,” according to a senior White House official. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Brain…going…to…explode…

* Tackling a top priority, House Democrats pushed a $2.10 an hour increase in the federal minimum wage toward passage Wednesday, calling it only a partial restoration of purchasing power for America’s lowest-paid workers. Since I live in CA, and the minimum wage here is already $7.50….I’m kind of yawning here.

* New House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is snuffing out one of Congress’ enduring prerogatives, still cherished by some lawmakers — the right to smoke near the floor of the House. I got to say, kind of seems like that should have been done when smoking was outlawed in all government buildings, except apparently the one that passed the law…

* A tiny nation, complete with its own flag, stamps and passport, is up for sale. But buyer beware: It’s really a wartime fort perched on two concrete towers in the North Sea. Sale price for the glorified rig, which includes accommodations, offices, a power generator and a chapel: $975 million.

* Florida trounced Ohio St. in the national championship game to win the NCAA Football championship. I hate both schools for petty reasons so…eh.

* North Carolina is the new #1 in men’s college basketball.

* Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn were overwhelmingly elected to Baseball’s Hall of Fame, while Mark McGwire was overwhelmingly not.

* Former all-star catcher Javvy Lopez signed a 1 year $750k deal with the Colorado Rockies.

* Los Angeles and Chicago are considering making bids for the 2016 summer olympics.

* The seven finalists for the Make-Up Oscar are: Pan’s Labyrinth, Pirates 2, The Santa Clause 3, The Prestige, X-Men 3, Click, and Apocalypto. Three of the finalists will be nominated for the Oscar to be given out on Feb. 25.

* James Cameron is finally making another movie. Avatar, his new scifi epic, will start shooting in April. Cameron has been living in a bunker since inflicting Titanic on the world ten years ago.

* Borat will be coming to DVD on March 6th, with no changes, despite all the litigation surrounding the film. Casino Royale will debut on disc a week later on March 13th.

* Night at the Museum was #1 at the box office for the third straight week with $24 million and Pursuit of Happyness was #2 for the third straight week with $13 million. There are other movies, people. Go to them.

* Dave Matthews will appear on a March episode of House.

* FOX has canceled The OC after four seasons.

* The fight between New Line and Peter Jackson continues with New Line now saying Jackson is not “welcome at New Line”. What the frick is the problem. Make The Hobbit and make a billion dollars. It’s that frapping simple.

* The National Society of Film Critics named Pan’s Labyrinth best film of 2006.

* The People’s Choice Awards were last night and if YOU care, then YOU look up the winners, because they are stupid. Oh the joys of blogging.

Renaissance News Report

After a long first week at work, I’m having trouble getting going this morning…afternoon…what the devil time is it anyway…ok so let’s try being sarcastic about the news. Sometimes that wakes me up:

* The Democrats took over Congress and California’s Nancy Pelosi was elected the first woman Speaker of the House (which puts her second in line for the Presidency…boo). Please do not be the giant fecktards the last Congress was. Just a request.

* President Bush’s new Iraq strategy seems to be the “troop surge” which would involve sending a bunch MORE troops (which, btw, are going to come frome where exactly) in to pacify Iraq. Basically, doing what should have been done if we were going to do this stupid thing in the first place FOUR years after we should have done it doesn’t seem like the greatest idea to me…but then I’m barely awake, what do I know?

* U.S. businesses created a stronger-than-expected 167,000 jobs in December, while the tight labor market helped propel workers’ wages at the fastest pace in six years, the government said Friday. The unemployment rate remained at a low 4.5%, as more people entered the workforce looking for jobs. Totally stole that off the AP wire, but it looked like news but it wasn’t interesting enough for me to rewrite…Lord I’m lazy.

* Momofuku Ando, the Japanese inventor of instant noodles such as “Chicken Ramen” and “Cup Noodle,” has died, according to Nissin Food Products Co., the company he founded. He was 96.

* Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday declared Hamas’ paramilitary militia in the Gaza Strip illegal, which I’m sure should shame Hamas right into stopping murdering people immediately.

* Japanese and U.S. officials warned Friday of tougher measures against North Korea if the isolated communist nation conducts a second nuclear test. These may involve steps as drastic as “tsking” and even a national “tut tut”. These guys are the freaking scary ones, why aren’t we talking about them???

* San Diego Chargers RB LaDanian Tomlinson was overwhelmingly elected NFL MVP. The Saints’ Sean Payton was NFL Coach of the Year. Titans QB Vince Young was Rookie of the Year.

* Steelers coach Bill Cowher is stepping down from a position I rank somewhere more important than President of the United States and slightly less important than God. I’m so pissed about this. I loved Cowher. How dare he, knowing I live and die with the Steelers, break up with me? Bastard.

* The NY Yankees sent Randy Johnson back to the Diamondbacks for…well, nothing worth remembering. Salary dump.

* Ian Mc Kellen has joined the cast of Stardust as the narrator.

* Kevin Smith will be in Die Hard 4 for reasons that pass my understanding.

* Indiana Jones 4 starts shooting in June. I still don’t believe it will happen. The movie could be playing at my local theater and I still won’t believe it’s happening.

Renaissance News Report

How did your New Year start? I had to get up at the butt crack of dawn and go have a TB test read at Loma Linda’s ER. Bang up start to the New Year. Now I’m up and back and it’s still early, but I think going to bed would be a bad idea since I have to get up even earlier tomorrow to start the new job. Thusly, a news update:

*Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging on Saturday. This is fine and such, but as the new Iraqi government ignored two of their own laws by doing it on a holiday and waiving the 30 days he was supposed to get, it shows what kind of government we set up there.

*If you wonder why your mail won’t come tomorrow, it’ll be because all government offices (except the Fed, yes, Steve I know) are closed for a national day of mourning in honor of the late President Gerald Ford.

*Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting early Monday, his limousine sprayed with bullets in downtown Denver. Team spokesman Jim Saccomano said police called him about 3 a.m. from the scene and told him three people had been shot, and the 24-year-old Williams had been killed.

*South Korean diplomat Ban Ki-moon became the United Nations’ eighth secretary-general on New Year’s Day continuing a long and distinguished tradition of UNSGs with ridiculous names. Ah Boutrous Boutrous Ghali….I miss you.

*Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was released from a hospital Saturday, four days after undergoing surgery to repair a broken leg suffered while skiing. In case you’re wondering, yes, even with a busted femur, our governor can beat up your governor.

*Blue-and-gold EU flags fluttered across Bucharest and celebratory fireworks thundered through the sky at midnight as Romania, along with southern neighbor Bulgaria, became the latest countries to join the European Union.

*Hong Kong welcomed a near-blanket ban on smoking Monday, though no word on if you’re still allowed to smoke ’em if you got ’em before being summarily executed for having individual thoughts. Man, I’m cranky in 2007, but honestly, China executes 80% of the capital punishment cases in the world so perhaps the rest of the world (and I’m certainly not thinking of France here) could shut up about us and look at China.

*The US death toll in Iraq has passed 3,000.

*The Arizona Cardinals fired head coach Dennis Green after three disappointing seasons…which followed 45 disappointing seasons prior to those.

*Night at the Museum was #1 at the box office for the second consecutive week with $37.3 million, beating out Will Smith’s Pursuit of Happyness, which brought down $19.3 million.

*I’m extremely sick of reporting on this, so it better happen this time, but Steven Spielberg and George Lucas announced that they’ve finally agreed on a script for Indiana Jones 4, which is now slated for a May 2008 release.

Renaissance News Report

Bad couple of days to be famous. High mortality rate from all appearances.
*President Gerald Ford passed away at 95, the longest lived President in US history. Ford was also the only unelected President in US history, being nominated as Vice-President after the resignation of Spiro Agnew, and then made President by the resignation of Richard Nixon. Ford’s body will lie in state in the Capitol rotunda before a state funeral next week.

*The names and urine samples of about 100 Major League Baseball players who tested positive three years ago can be used by federal investigators, a court ruled Wednesday — a decision that could have implications for Barry Bonds.

*The state Supreme Court on Wednesday publicly reprimanded Ohio Gov. Bob Taft for his ethics violations in office, a black mark that will stay on his permanent record as an attorney.

*A new airport screening machine that peers through travelers’ clothing has been modified so it won’t show intimate body parts when it’s tested at a U.S. airport for the first time starting next month…..why can’t I think of a joke for this? I’m pissed now.

*Polar bears are in deep trouble because of global warming and other factors and deserve federal protection under the Endangered Species Act, the Bush administration is proposing Wednesday.

*A Japanese woman charged with inflicting injury on her neighbor by blasting rock music at her house for 2½ years was given a 20-month prison term, a court official said. To the dude who lives behind me…you are on fricking notice.

*Expectations are high for Germany when it takes over the leadership of the European Union and the chairmanship of the Group of Eight industrial powers on Jan. 1. The dual responsibilities give Germany a chance to play its strongest diplomatic role in years as a leader of key multinational forums. Why are expectations high? Haven’t past German-lead multinational forum been…well, let’s call them somewhat less that stellar.

*Iraqi court officials announced that Saddam Hussein’s hanging will take place within the next 30 days. Think things are crazy now? Hang on and wait for this.

*Former Giants infielder Chris Brown died Tuesday after suffering burns in a kitchen fire.

*Pitcher Jeff Suppan signed a 4 year $42 million deal with the Milwaukee Brewers.

*Apparently not willing to wait for his yearly spring training injury, Reds outfielder, Ken Griffey Jr. broke his hand and now his status is “cloudy”.

*The Red Sox and Yankees are the only teams to exceed baseball’s salary limit and are forced to pay the luxury tax.

*The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, passed away from complications from pneumonia at the age of 71. Within two days, Spike Lee already is working on a biopic. Ah synergy.

*Dreamgirls had the third biggest opening in Christmas day history pulling in $9.6 million.

*Casino Royale passed Die Another Day as the most successful James Bond film in box office history.

*Tyler Man, who played Sabretooth in X-Men, will be the new Michael Myers in the next Halloween movie.

Renaissance News Report

Got some Green Day pumping in the office, while I ignore my actual work to bring you the news that interests me today:

*People in Denver are still buried under 3 feet of snow, but my luggage arrived safely so I think everything is even.

*Talks with North Korea broke off without an agreement. Shocking. Well, thank God, they don’t have WMDs or a crazy dictator in a sensitive part of the world or we might have a reason to go to war. What? No oil there? Well bugger that then.

*A break in winter weather allowed small teams of searchers to return to the snowy slopes of Mount Hood on Thursday looking for clues on the whereabouts of two climbers lost and presumed dead. Man, I was really hoping they’d get these guys off for Christmas alive, but doesn’t look good.

*Secretary of State Condi Rice says America is ready for a black President, though she says she won’t be running in 2008. I agree with both of those statements.

*Florida Marlins pitcher Dontrelle Willis was arrested Friday for DUI in Miami Beach. If you’re going to drink, don’t fricking get in a two ton piece of metal and go zipping around at 65 mph. Idiot.

*The Phillies traded veteran outfielder Jeff Conine to the Cincinnati Reds.

*BYU thrashed Oregon 38-8 in the Las Vegas Bowl.

*Looking for James Cameron’s return to directing? His sci-fi project Avatar is now pushed back to 2009.

That’s all that piqued my interest. Slow news day. One of the other people in the building wandered by asking when we were all going to leave. For the record, we’ve been here 52 minutes. Summit’s work ethic is what makes us great.