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Complete Achievement List for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six -Siege (Xbox – 2015)

Forsaking the formula of past Rainbow Six games, Seige will be an entirely multiplayer experience.  Normally, multiplayer is not my favorite way to game, but this looked so good that I’m going to give it a try.  TCRSS is already out for Xbox One and PC and your cheevos below are provided courtesy of the pristinely fantastic  Now go kill some terrorists! Continue reading Complete Achievement List for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six -Siege (Xbox – 2015)

Complete Achievement List for Just Cause 3 (Xbox, Playstation – 2015)

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 – Achievements
There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

(Just) Causin’ Chaos (10 points)
Get 1000 Chaos.

Chaos is My Middle Name (30 points)
Get 100000 Chaos.

Chaos Millionaire (45 points)
Get 1000000 Chaos.

…Without Bullets! (20 points)
Destroy every Chaos Object in a Military Base without weapons, grenades, or planted explosives.

My Little Rocket Man (20 points)
Tether an enemy to a launched gas cannister. Adeo, amico!

This was Supposed to be a Western (20 points)
Destroy all Chaos Objects in a Base without leaving your vehicle.

You’re Outta Here! (20 points)
Plant a Booster Explosive on an enemy soldier. Then send them flying.

Bragging Rights (10 points)
Beat another player’s score in a Challenge.

Getting it in Gear (10 points)
Earn at least 3 Gears in a Challenge.

You’ve Got Gear (15 points)
Earn 5 Gears in a Challenge.

A Real Gear-Getter (20 points)
Earn at least 3 Gears in one Challenge of every type.

All the Gears (40 points)
Earn 5 Gears in every Challenge.

Earth, Wind and Sea (25 points)
Unlock Rebel Drops for at least one land vehicle, one air vehicle, and one sea vehicle.

Caught ‘Em All! (35 points)
Collect every vehicle available by bringing them to Mario’s Garages.

Tomb Raider (15 points)
Pay your respects at every Ancient Tomb.

Remember the Fallen (20 points)
Light a candle at every Rebel Shrine.

Diary of the Madman (20 points)
Discover all of Di Ravello’s audio tapes.

Old School Cool (20 points)
Find every vintage weapon and vehicle part.

Consummate Daredevil (20 points)
Drive a land vehicle off of every Daredevil Jump in Medici.

No Stone Unturned (35 points)
Find every collectible strewn across Medici.

Top of the World (20 points)
Stand on foot at the highest point of Medici.

Anything You Can Do… (15 points)
Beat a score you were Called-Out on.

Feat Fetish (20 points)
Perform every Feat.

Vive la Revolution (15 points)
Liberate a Province.

Take That, You Pipeline Jerks (10 points)
Disable the FOW in Insula Fonte.

Baker’s Dozen (20 points)
Liberate 13 Settlements.

Taming the Dracon (30 points)
Completely liberate Insula Dracon.

Hope Springs Eternal (30 points)
Completely liberate Insula Fonte.

Heart of Stone (30 points)
Completely liberate Insula Striate.

Unlocked and Fully Loaded (40 points)
Unlock every weapon and vehicle available in the Rebel Drop menu.

Winner Takes All, Again (50 points)
100% Just Cause 3.

Can’t Touch This (10 points)
Call-Out another player in a Feat.

Forgive Me, Father… (10 points)
Take sanctuary in a monastery to clear Heat Level 5.

MOD Initiate (10 points)
Unlock your first GEAR MOD and activate it.

MOD Specialist (20 points)
Unlock every GEAR MOD in a single category.

MOD Tinkerer (35 points)
Have every GEAR MOD active for at least 1 minute each.

First Encounter (10 points)
Successfully complete an Encounter.

Supply and Demand (15 points)
Unlock 10 Resupply Points by completing Encounters.

Three Holy Hideaways (15 points)
Unlock 3 Heat-Clearing Priests by completing Encounters.

Secret Achievements

Enjoy Your Homecoming (10 points)
Complete Story Mission: Welcome Home.

What a Disaster (15 points)
Complete Story Mission: A Terrible Reaction.

The Power of Bavarium (15 points)
Complete Story Mission: A Long and Dangerous Road.

These Mines are the Pits (15 points)
Complete Story Mission: The Great Escape.

F!#& YOU, MISSILE (20 points)
Complete Story Mission: Missile Cowboy.

Finally on the Offensive (20 points)
Complete Story Mission: Tangled Up In Blue.

Mistakes and Triumphs (20 points)
Complete Story Mission: The Shatterer of Worlds.

Son of Medici (30 points)
Complete Story Mission: Son of Medici.

Complete Achievement/Trophy List for Fallout 4 (Xbox, Playstation – 2015)

So, you may have noticed this, if you’re a regular reader, but I post a lot.  I’m not as freakishly prolific as I used to be (thank you, Facebook page), but most days you’re getting 1-2 posts.  I am usually ON things (as long as they relate to things that I actually care about), but somehow I forgot to post the Achievements for Fallout 4, which came out Tuesday for Xbox One and Playstation 4.  Do not for a second think this means I’m not excited about spending 200 hours exploring a nuclear wasteland Boston.  As a Yankees fan, nothing could possibly make me happier than seeing Boston bedecked with radioactive fallout (and I mean that with love)., as always, the place to go for more resources and achievement lists.  Now I’m going to boot up my copy, find what’s left of Fenway Park, and walk around randomly firing weapons at it. Continue reading Complete Achievement/Trophy List for Fallout 4 (Xbox, Playstation – 2015)

Complete Achievement/Trophy List for Star Wars: Battlefront (Xbox One, Playstation 4 – 2015)

If you have EA Access and pre-ordered Star Wars: Battlefront (which it will surprise no one to learn I did), you get 10 hours of time with the game this week before it releases wide on November 17th.  Having burned most of that time, I can tell you that you all are in for a treat.  It is much heavier on the multiplayer than single, but as far as an immersive Star Wars video game experience, you couldn’t ask for much more.  The game’s launch missions and multiplayer maps focus on the OT, but four expansions are scheduled and there happen to be four other Star Wars films, so you do the math.  Before you groan about that, Prequel Haters, just imagine the cathartic possibilities of a field of verdant Naboo grass covered in Gungans and you have Darth Maul.  Imagine how many wounds that would heal.  You achievement/trophy information below is courtesy of the best site on the net for such things,  My gamertag on XB1, btw, is “sleeplessdave” and if you’re planning on doing some serious life avoidance in this game or any other, feel free to friend me.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a few hours left before I have to stew til Tuesday. Continue reading Complete Achievement/Trophy List for Star Wars: Battlefront (Xbox One, Playstation 4 – 2015)

Trailer Time: Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox, Playstation – 2015)

After the largest beta test in video game history, Star Wars: Battlefront will be hitting Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on November 17th.  The Battlefront games from last generation were probably the best Star Wars games I’ve ever played (aside from Knights of the Old Republic).  Just playing two levels over and over on the beta was a ton of fun and, since I can see that nearly my entire friends list played the beta as well, I expect some co-op action as we all try to pretend like we’re not creating paper chains at this point to count the days til Episode VII.  That last one may be just me, but no one’s ever accused me of coping normally.
Star Wars Battlefront