Trailer Time: Game of Thrones Season 3 Full Trailer

Right on the heels of the “War” promo, HBO released a full trailer for season 3 of Game of Thrones.  The countdown continues to the season premiere on March 31st!

The Wolverine: More Photos and a Trailer Date



This is why I never buy nice things...
This is why I never buy nice things…

These cool looks at The Wolverine are courtesy of the same issue of Total Film that brought us the Man of Steel cover last week.  I’m still not entirely sure why, if this film takes place after X3, he appears to have bone claws.  I’m more excited he’s coming back to the ensemble with Singer’s X-Men Days of Future Past.  That being said, a film that Wolverine really gets to be Wolverine in…would rock the planet.  However, that film would also have to be rated R (the man has razors in his hands, when he fights, he redecorates a room) which will never happen.  Director James Mangold has made some good films and I’ll be extremely interested to see the trailer.  Unfortunately if you want to do so, you’ll have to go see GI Joe 2 because that’s what it’s attached to when that film releases March 28th.  If it will ease your pain, go check out the ninja fight from GI2 I posted last week and convince yourself the whole move will be like that.

Movie Review: Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)

"No one has given a more self-righteous monologue while wearing a trash bag."
“No one has given a more self-righteous monologue while wearing a trash bag.”

I wanted to love this movie.  I love Rashida Jones and Andy Sandberg.  I love the concept.  I hate Los Angeles, but that’s ok, I was going to push past that and just focus on the good parts of living in and around there.  I love Sony Classics and I think they make some of the best movies I see every year.

I did not like this movie.

I mind-wrestled with it, I grappled with it, but around the 1 hour mark I realized we were done.  This plane’s not coming in for a landing.

This is too vague (so is the movie): here’s the concept.  Celeste & Jesse (Jones and Sandberg) have been best friends their entire lives, they fell in love and got married, but while Celeste has moved on to a career and success, Jesse is surfing and watching reruns of the Beijing Olympics.  So they decide to get a divorce and Jesse moves into the studio, but otherwise their lives remain otherwise unchanged.  They’re having the most amicable divorce ever.  Until they both start dating again and then things (wait for it) become extremely unamicable rapidly.  That’s the plot.  That’s ALL of the plot without details, and that’s really the problem. 

The movie has no cohesion as an indie drama of incredibly profundity, which is what I think they were attempting.  It has two incredibly talented comedic actors who have excellent chemistry and can also really act.  Jones and Sandberg are great with what they’re given.  But the only time the movie clicks and you feel like you get these people and why they are so addicted to each other is the few scenes they have together and the rest is just interminable self-examination.  This could have been deeply touching and moving if they’d let the movie be more about what the title suggested instead of wheeling off into mopey song overlays and doing some kind of weird board of tourism favor for Los Angeles by making every scene scream LOOK AT LA!  Of course, if you happen to like LA…you may love this movie.

It’s not awful.  It’s not unwatchable.  It’s just kind of depressing and forgettable and not at all what you think you were getting from the trailer.  Celeste and Jesse needed more Celeste and Jesse.

Trailer Time: Game of Thrones Season 3 “War” Trailer

Over the weekend, I caught up and finished the second season of Game of Thrones which was just fantastic.  The first season is a smaller (relative to GoT) scale story as it’s essentially a murder mystery.  With the second season and the War of the Kings, it was going to be critical that HBO give them the budget to pull it off and they did it so well that my household may have to acquire HBO for the sole purpose of watching the third season.  The third and fourth seasons, I’m given to understand will cover book 3 of the series: Storm of Swords.  I was kind of relieved to hear that because: 1) the book is 1100 pages long and 2) they are going to have a heck of a time with merging the timelines in four and five into the one book it was originally supposed to be.  Do you think HBO has George RR Martin locked in a room somewhere with a typewriter and a dragon on his shoulder?  I’d like to think so because if the series catches up to his pokiness, he’s not going to be able to dictate his own series’ end.  HBO will steamroll past him if the popularity continues as it has.  So much amazing stuff in book 3 and probably the most heartbreaking moments of the series to date.  Game of Thrones Season Three will debut on March 31st.

Star Wars Clone Wars Season 5 and Finale Trailer

If you were upset about Star Wars The Clone Wars being canceled before….just don’t watch this.  There’s no way they can wrap this up and watching this gave me chills.  Screw it, watch it.  It’s amazing.

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