Beware of Villains in Glass Prisons


I have nothing to add, but it is a brilliant observation.  Though, in the defense of science fiction law enforcement….Magneto’s prison was plastic.  So…sturdier.

Toy Story 4? There Are Rumblings…



NO!  Just no!  Perhaps I should give the news before commentating.  Yesterday, Twitter went nuts with rumors of a Pixar executive confirming Toy Story 4.  Pixar immediately denied it, but when asked John Lasseter looked decidedly squirrelly and Tom Hanks HAS confirmed it.

NO!  Toy Story 3 accomplished something of a miracle and brought this story to a close.  I love the idea of using these iconic characters (the most iconic Disney has had since its original canon) in shorts forever.  I’m completely cool with that.  I think another feature is a disaster of an idea.  Pixar needs to be developing things like Pete Docter’s Inside Out and not making sequels and falling victim to the cannibalization that ruined Disney’s animation studio.  They’ve already ruined Cars by making Cars 2.  I hope to heaven Monsters University doesn’t ruin Monsters Inc.  Finding Nemo 2 (which I’m not stoked about either) is already scheduled for 2016.  STOP.  Be Pixar and knock this off.  The only sequel anyone’s ever clamored for was more Incredibles.  If Brad Bird wants to do that, bring it on, but otherwise knock it off!  I pray this one remains just a rumor.

Oscar Week Top 5: Worst Best Picture Decisions

Top 5: TV Episodes of All-Time (Comedy Edition)

If it seems this week like I’m taking a bat to the Academy’s pinata….it’s because it’s an annual tradition.  I love the Oscars in theory, but in practice they make me a little bit more unbalanced than I traditionally am (which is wobbly at best).  The nominating process is probably the worst.  Seeing movies that I love (and I think I clearly have demonstrated that I love movies) totally ignored is why I consume more ibuprofen during the week the nominations come out than food. 

But ok, we’ve gotten past that, past most of the show.  We’re at the goal line.  We’re hailing the new BEST PICTURE!  That which will be engraved outside the Kodak Theater and included in endless montages for decades to come.  And then a drunk Elizabeth Taylor slurs out, “gllllllllllllaDIATOR!!!”  I like Gladiator.  I don’t mean to pick on it, but it was the perfect combination of bad choice mixed with jaw-dropping presentation.  It has been awhile though.  Don’t recall?

Ok so it was the Golden Globes.  They picked the same thing at the Oscars and I got to show that clip again.  In chronological order, here are the five worst decisions.

1. 1941 – How Green Was My Valley
I’m not sure.  Was it greener that CITIZEN KANE?  Or even Sergeant York or
The Maltese Falcoln?  It’s nice to see that horrid decisions are nothing new since what is unanimously regarded as the greatest picture ever made didn’t win.

2. 1956 – Around the World in 80 Days
The King & I and The Ten Commandments or this.  Have you seen this?  Read the book.  Wonderful book.  Rex Harrison made some incredibly bad movies.

3. 1981 – Chariots of Fire
I don’t care if you wanted to go serious with On Golden Pond or frigging awesome with Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Both are way more deserving than one of the most overrated and slllllllllllllllowest movies ever made.

4. 1997 – Titanic
I had to take a stand on this or Forrest Gump (Shawshank should have won) and I think I’ll get less hate mail for pointing out that the other four nominees were
Good Will Hunting, The Full Monty, As Good As It Gets, and-what should have won-LA Confidential.  Plus we’d have all been spared James Cameron’s “king of the world” moment.

5. 1998 – Shakespeare in Love
Saving Private Ryan.  This is one of the only times in my life that I’ve thrown    something at the TV set.  Literally thrown something.  Shakespeare is a cute  movie.  Saving Private Ryan was arguably the best film of the decade and one  of the most important films in cinema.  Miramax did literally buy this one and fifteen years later it’s still the worst one I’ve ever watched.

Believe me, we could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.  The Academy screws up.  I can’t believe Crash and Million Dollar Baby are Best Pictures, but in those years they didn’t even nominate the best pictures.  This year is fairly hopeful in that most of the films nominated ARE worthy of the honor.  What I’m saying really is, the odds of an alarm clock being embedded in my flatscreen come Sunday night are lower than normal.

The Wolverine: Angry X-Man



Another photo from this summer’s The Wolverine.  Director James Mangold actually leaked this one which tells us nothing whatsoever but looks cool nonetheless.  I really want to see a trailer on this.  Apparently this is supposed to take place AFTER X-Men 3.  I’m a little foggy on how that works with the bone claws we’ve seen in previous stills, but it could be flashbacks.  There are some big movies this year that I have no fears about at all.  Desolation of Smaug, Star Trek, Elysium; no worries whatsoever.  Then there’s this.  I want so badly for it to be good, but not sure on it.

Killing Time – February 21, 2013

Even by my standards, I’ve had extra time in the night to kill lately.  I’ve been averaging about 3 hours of sleep per night, so that’s a lot of minutes to murder.  I’ve been so wowed by the hits on the site.  I honestly set out to do this just to keep myself in the discipline of writing daily once more, but to have some of the great feedback I’ve had has been fantastic.  Plus, as of this writing, KT has readers in 29 countries in just under a month.  That’s crazy!  Thank you all for dropping in and spending some time with me.  How did you blow off steam this week?  Let me know!

Books: Fooling Houdini by Alex Stone
                 Half-Safe by James Nestor
                 Halo: The Flood by William Dietz
                 The Letters of JRR Tolkien edited by Christopher Tolkien 
Blu Ray: The Big Bang Theory Season Four
                     Game of Thrones Season Two                    

Music:  This week has been a lot of Regina Spektor.  Love her.

Video Game: Halo 4 (all Spartan Ops; on Episode 10, Chapter 2)
                               Assassin’s Creed III (This game is IMMENSE)
                               Borderlands 2 (Level 8 Gunzerker)
                            * I’m on XBOX Live, gamertag: sleeplessdave

Comics:   Wolverine & The X-Men Volume 4 by Jason Aaron
                       Battle Scars by Chris Yost

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