Nightcrawler Will Not Return for X-Men Days of Future Past


That was the sound my brother just made as he burst into flames.  The favorite X-Man of his and many others will not be returning after all in X-Men Days of Future Past.  Alan Cumming smelt Bret Ratner all over X-Men 3 and rightly teleported out of the cast, and there had been a lot of rumors that he would be back with Bryan Singer, but he will not return.  So that just leaves…virtually everyone in Hollywood.  The cast of this movie is now so large that future reports will detail who is NOT in it (Benedict Cumberbatch….probably).

Cumberbatch Confirms Sherlock Season 4

Oh you just got Cumberbatched
Oh you just got Cumberbatched

Just as shooting is beginning on the third season of Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch has confirmed there will also be a fourth.  He’s contractually obligated for three and four and says he’d love the series continue past that if co-star Martin Freeman and creator Stephen Moffat are also on-board.

Now, if you find yourself in the awkward position of not understanding why Benedict Cumberbatch (who has the greatest name bestowed on a human since former UN Secretary General Boutrous Boutrous Ghali) and Sherlock are a big deal, let’s straighten this out.  Sherlock is good.  Sherlock is so good that if you have not live streamed it on Netflix and/or purchased it by the time you finish reading this sentence, I will be personally offended.  For my money, it is the greatest adaptation of any kind of Doyle’s characters ever.  I’ve read them all and I’ve seen a lot of adaptations so if you want to go on that….we can throw down.

By the end of the year, Benedict Cumberbatch will own the world as he is not only the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness but playing both the Necromancer and Smaug in The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.  So go.  Watch it.  NOW!

Disney Cancels Star Wars Clone Wars


Season five of Star Wars Clone Wars will be its last as today Disney announced it was pulling the plug on the animated program that runs on The Cartoon Network.  They did announce plans for another animated series in development that will explore a part of the Star Wars universe that has never before been examined.

This is the first thing Disney has done since taking over the franchise that has completely bummed me out.  After extreme early skepticism, Clone Wars won me over and it’s built such an amazing series of arcs that I can’t imagine they’ll be able to complete what they intended.  The fifth season is mostly over and animation works so far ahead that I’m sure they’re already scripted out through the season’s close.  Initially, it was thought the series would just move to Disney’s cartoon network XD, but canceling it altogether surprises me.  It’s been the only good thing about the franchise in recent years.  Boo!

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